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Discussion in 'High Definition Software' started by JackCarver, May 25, 2011.

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    Hello there,

    I would like to know what are the correct settings in MPC-HC to play Blu-Rays directly from disk or from HDD or as mkv-file on a LCD TV.

    I assembled a HTPC and connected it via HDMI to my LG LCD TV 32LH3010 a full HD TV.
    My graphic's adapter is an EVGA Nvidia Geforce 560 Ti with mini HDMI output and capable of transferring sound via HDMI cause it has a sound processor on board.

    First systems refresh rate was at 60 Hz and i got periodic stutter in a Blu-Ray movie like avatar.

    I can choose between following refresh rates in nvidia driver:

    23 Hz
    50 Hz
    59 Hz
    60 Hz

    I changed the refresh rate to 23 Hz (MPC-HC measures in it's show stats EVR sync renderer option between 23,97 and 23,976 Hz) so that seems to be the compatible Blu-Ray refresh rate.

    I tested the following renderers:

    EVR custom pres
    EVR sync (with setting "present at nearest vsync")

    and i think with EVR (not the custom preset or sync) the movie played very fine saw no stutter yesterday in the movie.

    In the fullscreen settings i use "autochange fullscreen monitor mode" with the "best choice" settings as

    23.50-24.00Hz 1920x1080 32 bpp 23 Hz (as i can't choose 24 Hz in driver)
    24.50-25.00Hz 1920x1080 32 bpp 50 Hz
    29.50-30.00Hz 1920x1080 32 bpp 60 Hz

    and for vista and above:
    23.976 Hz (24p) 1920x1080 32 bpp 23 Hz

    I think MPC choose automatically this setting if a Blu-Ray plays with 24p as i have Windows 7.

    I also tested in output options "D3D fullscreen" (MPC says that setting avoids tearing) and the movie played also absolute smooth without stutter but unfortunately u have no menus in this mode.

    So are these settings ok for a 24p Blu-Ray or are there better ones? And what can i do if i got a 24 Hz mastered Blu-Ray, read they are also out there but not so often as the 23.976 ones, as i can't choose 24 Hz in system driver settings?

    THX a lot
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    That sounds correct, I am using similar setup; except that I must change refresh rate manually, because MPC-HC crashes if set to change it automatically. If I don't forget, I will try 24 Hz blu-ray on 23.97 setting, and opposite. I think it shouldn't be noticeable...
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    Thx for ur reply. I set the refresh rates now manually too cause i get also problems with the auto settings.
    But it's ok for me. I use 720p and 50Hz for DVD playback and 1080p and 23Hz (it's 23,976Hz) for Blu-Ray and it works fine:)
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    You didn't know you've just saved my life....I've been spending weeks to fix this problem on my HTPC after getting a new AV AMP. I have tried to reinstall Windows, all the drivers, tried different kind of players, disabled bunch of Windows services and etc. But all these didn't help resolving the periodic shutter problem, which really drove me crazy!!! :bang::bang: After reading your post and I tried setting 1080p24f, works perfect on both MKV (I'm using MPC-HC) and my TMT5!!! Thanks so much!!!! :bowdown::bowdown: