Crash after VIDEO_TS selection: Conflict with Windows Sidebar ...

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by Philhawk, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. Mema

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    CloneDVD keeps closing when video file is selected

    I just ran into the same issue, I'm running Win7 Professional. Someone on this forum said to right click and run as administrator. I did that and it worked fine. Must give it priority or something. I've run it in the past without any problem on this same computer. Have to admit I don't clone to many of my movies so I don't use it often. Just want to put something on my IPad for the weekend drive. So thanks for the help.:agree:
  2. Anysia

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    I've also tried everything listed here, and it's still crashing when Video_Ts is selected. That being said, if I use a different program, it rips it without a problem.

    Win 7 Pro 64bit
    8GB ram
    Quad Core i7
    6+ tbs disc space
  3. 94q45t

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    I'm running win 7 home premium as came installed on a Dell One (I-7) and Mobile orked perfectly the first time. Second time, this problem appeared. Went though all the steps, but the only one that worked for me was compatibility mode. I tried both XP and Vista and both modes worked fine, even with sidebar running. The other Slysoft products work fine as is.
  4. Frank

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    Thanks for the feedback

    We've been chasing this for years and simply cannot get it to fail so we can find out how to get around it. Thanks for telling us about your solving this. Usually the compatibility bypass works one version lower than the one you are running on.
  5. PinballW1zzard

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    Windows 7 Home Premium Solution

    For me at least, this solved the problem

    Right click short cut,
    Troubleshoot compatibility.
    Selected "Program worked in earleir version" and "program requires additional permission"

    Selected windows XP service pack 3 (for no other reason, except this version of Windows was on my old PC and SlySoft stuff was stable)

    Clicked through then re-ran CloneDVD Mobile.
    This display is a little wierd in places, but it runs fine.
  6. Manafix

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    Compatibility Mode

    Had the same error message with Win 8 64Bit. Changed the compatibility mode to Vista SP1 and Wallah! Everything works.
  7. jschnell1203

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    I had the same problem with Windows 8 and set compat mode to Vista SP1 and seems to work now.