Create image ISO. mds ?

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  1. consubtitulos

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    Im very naive in these kind of things so I will try to explain me as better as possible since I dont understand very well the techcnical parts.

    when creating and iso back up from a DVD or BD
    if I use the option Rip to Image, why I dont have the option to creat a .mds file like when I was using dvddecrypter?

    is there any differente between the iso file created by dvddecrypter and the iso file created directly by anyDVD HD?

    what happens if I try to burn an image and I dont have the mds file?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. RBBrittain

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    I'm not familiar with .mds files from DVD Decrypter, though I guess they're actually .md5 files (i.e., checksums). However, ImgBurn--developed from the rip/burn/ISO engine of DVD Decrypter after it was forced off the market--works just fine with AnyDVD ISOs, or its own ISOs created with AnyDVD active, without any files beyond the .iso itself. (It gives a warning if AnyDVD is active, but that's only because ImgBurn rips *may* fail verification due to AnyDVD's on-the-fly decryption.)
  3. evlncrn8

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    hmmm.. the mds (now mdx) format was proprietary (owned by daemon tools / alcohol), the old version (mds/mdf) was essentially an iso file and a file containing sector timings (to emulate protections), this now is the mdf format (which also supports sector compression and encryption)....

    with it being a proprietary format, this is probably the reason its not a choice anymore

    (the md5 thing was a good guess though)
  4. RBBrittain

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    It shouldn't be necessary to emulate DVD structural and/or bad-sector protections anymore; AnyDVD itself removes those. (Also, BD doesn't have those protections.)
  5. Gummigutta

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    The .mds file from DVDD holds the layer break info and split info if the image was split into several 1GB pieces.
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    but the point is:

    do I need the mds file to burn the DVD or isnt really needed?