Credit Card Updates?

Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by tdamon, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. getzjd

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    Well.... I have to give up for now. No Mastercard yet. I even went out and bought one of the prepaid Visa cards... no dice. Same problem as some other users have posted.
  2. Frank

    Frank SlySoft Support Team

    Prepaid is a no-go

    A pre-paid visa will not work if it is not tied to a name and address and that is the Patriot Act at work.

    We also off the JCB service on that pull-down. Master card will likely need another 10 days or so before we ramp up again with that.
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  3. Bob13

    Bob13 New Member

    Another American unable to buy this product

    Add me to the list of Americans unable to purchase this product. Hopefully the marketing and sales folks at SlySoft are making note of all the potential sales being lost. I'll check back in in a few months if I haven't found an alternative, but for now consider this a hot-lead lost.:(
  4. Frank

    Frank SlySoft Support Team

    There are alternatives ..

    Depending on where you are in the US there is another option on the payment page and if not then contact me. I have another option for you. Open a Support ticket:

    We did not ask for this confusion to happen, by the way.
  5. Hey, Frank. I just wanted to thank you for helping me out. I got my lifetime license yesterday.

    Anybody in the US who is having trouble, listen to Frank!
  6. culverhouse97

    culverhouse97 New Member

    What method did you end up going with to get the license?
  7. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator nl

    @culverhouse: i would suggest you do the same as miles, bob13 and a few others were suggested to do. Try issueing a contact ticket via the url said above by frank and ask specifically for him. No doubt he'll be able to tell you what that message was and be able to help you further. Mention his post in your ticket just for reference that he knows what you're talking about.
  8. Frank

    Frank SlySoft Support Team

    American bank sandbagging

    Stop trying with those cards, please. You can do that until the cows are all back in the barn and still your banks/card/authorizers will say No, No, No, No ....

    Fraud Risk Blocked means your banks or their authorizing function is sandbagging your attempts to purchase and of course the service people will tell you there is no charge attempt showing on your account - it never gets that far. Call them. If they will not listen to reason then try another bank or card. Most likely the person you speak to on the phone cannot "see" to that level where the "no" is occurring.

    Or open a ticket in Support and ask for me. There IS a way to do this. ;)

    And here's a look into the crystal ball about where your rights on the Internet are going in our country: :mad:
  9. blm14

    blm14 New Member

    Frank! I just sent in a ticket - I want to take advantage of the 20% discount but it ends TODAY ...
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  10. Frank

    Frank SlySoft Support Team

    Clear words and it's not that simple

    It is simply not that simple and we sympathize with all those who ran into trouble trying to purchase our products. Some American customers got help from me directly and others used a different card or bank and still others "recovered" from the "wait" and got their orders.

    For the remainder we apologize, including for the limitation on card usage. Tom has said we'll soon add Master Card again and he means that. These things are not like changing a light bulb and I can only emphasize again to all those who go on and on and on about paypal and other things:

    If we could add paypal, Diners, Amex, Discover, etc. to the possibilities we would have done it long ago. No merchant in their right mind willingly limits avenues of purchase. Give us a little credit, please.

    Due to massive problems with paranoid/schizo/parochial American banks, adding to system restart-up problems, the chances of getting either a rejected or "queued" purchase as a US customers remain. We cannot do much about that phenomenon. The same goes for the payments that may appear on your card statement but we do not see one penny. This is likely a "temp" or "pre-authorized" pending amount and not a real payment. If your purchase fails that entry will eventually go away. This is nothing new and is strictly bookkeeping even if adds to the frustration.

    And sales always run within a specific time frame. They also traditionally "run over" the end time. We also allow for the time-zone differences. If we kept extending it we might as well simply lower all prices 20% all the time and leave it at that. We won't do that. And I do not have much hope that 100% of all attempts to purchase from the United States will work every time any more than they did before "the troubles" with reasons like "rejected by bank", "authorization declined", "not a proper card", "3D Secure authentication failed", ", Declined: Payment processor declined transaction processing", yadda, yadda, etc or simply not working for one reason or another.

    We only ask that you consider the factors involved in this purchase process and that not all of them are inside our envelope of influence.

    We will continue to do our best to reach all consumers with a method to purchase and a payment system that meets the needs as well. ;)
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  11. jcs913

    jcs913 Member

    When I tried to renew my license last month, the option to use a card was not there. I clicked on the renewal link today and your checkout screen says a card can be used, so I tried to renew. It said that the order was not processed. I assume that this was a mistake on the checkout screen, or did I miss something? I tried it twice with no luck..
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  12. Frank

    Frank SlySoft Support Team

    Internal error

    An internal error occurred. Please open a support ticket to follow-up on this and refer to the order number please.
    I suggest, however, you use PaySafe for now:
  13. jcs913

    jcs913 Member

    Strangely, the preferred card option is not there today. I guess that was the problem. My CC company called me about the charge last night and I told them not to block it. They said I could go ahead and use it for the payment, but that option is not there anymore, so who knows...:confused: As for Paysafe, I went to the 2 local 'dealers' and neither would sell me a card, so that option seems a little more difficult than advertised..
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  14. Frank

    Frank SlySoft Support Team

    Don't shoot, I just drive the bus

    That message has changed from its previous meaning to one named "declined by processing" and this means that at that point in time the card you wanted to use was not available. Circumstances beyond our control and outside our envelope of influence can cause such outages.

    Did you see this?

    Four lines below this thread you just updated in the Forum.
    Read it now.

    See the text about not getting proper service from a paysafe outlet?

    We would suggest you complain to PaySafe about that as their site does not refer to merchant restrictions.
    US service hotline:1-877-638-6920 (toll-free number) Mon-Sun 24/7

    We just drive the bus here like with the cards and banks, etc. and they provide that service. If it's not working as advertised then sit on them.
    I suspect early tomorrow your preferred card will work just fine.
  15. jcs913

    jcs913 Member

    Frank, the MC just worked fine to renew, so thanks for Slysoft in updating the site with another method of payment. I had one problem though, since I was renewing it from November, the renewal ends also in November 2012. Where can I confirm that it will be good till 1/26/2013? Thanks.
  16. mmdavis

    mmdavis Well-Known Member

    Lifetime license is the way to go. There will always need to be updates. Save yourself some money and trouble and get the lifetime.
  17. Flan

    Flan New Member

    Just purchased successfully with a UK MasterCard

    To my considerable relief. My four-month stack of new unwatched DVDs was starting to wobble.
  18. Frank

    Frank SlySoft Support Team

    time is w/o "gaps"

    The license time is one block of time and there can be no gaps or free time so when you renew the license the time you buy must back-fill to the original expiry date.
  19. jcs913

    jcs913 Member

    I assume I should have not done a renew and just purchased a new license. It's too bad that the payment options were not there when I needed to renew, as it seems I was penalized for not having the 'right' payment.
  20. Frank

    Frank SlySoft Support Team

    Not really

    I am afraid I don't see the problem and you really overlooked that you may have upgraded the wrong license. You have two, in case you forgot.

    You purchased AnyDVDHD in April 2009 for TWO years.
    So that actually expired in April 2011, right?

    But you also bought AnyDVDHD <again> in November 2010 for whatever reason.

    You just renewed that license now and *not* the one you purchased in 2009.
    The license you just renewed was one you had purchased in November 2010 so the ONE YEAR renewal you just bought will take that to November 2012.

    In 11/2011 you paid 54 Euro for AnyDVD on sale for 1 year.
    You renewed that now for 1 year for 24 Euro.

    That is one Euro less than if you had originally bought a TWO year license.