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    Ok getting close, I found
    running this on you main computer allows you to see all your files.
    And it installs a bunch of codecs.

    Now I am looking for the best quality to convert to.
    I have it playing the actual vob file but no sound.
    But anything I have converted to mpg4 looks good but a little pixilated on the plasma tv.

    I feel confadent the answer is out there still looking.
    My goal is to have my movie collection on a hard drive and just play them thru my direct tv hd dvr.
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    might work?

    Do AVI files work??

    I only have an Xbox 360 and I rip movies into 720x404 2gb files. Rips take about 40 minutes on my laptop and they look great on my 40" HDTV
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    No only mp4 seem to work
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    I know this is an old thread but it's of interest to me.

    What I'm curious about is the best way of using CloneDVDmobile so that tversity or TVShare Media Server do NOT have to transcode the video on the fly.
    This is what I read are the best settings:
    Audio: 192Kbps
    Audio Sample: 48000
    Audio Format: MP2
    Video Quality – 1800
    Video Frame Rate – 29.97.
    Video Format – MPEG2