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    Which type of disc (DVD-R or DVD+R) is best to use with the slysoft software?? I have been using DVD-R but coworkers have said I need to use DVD+R. Figured I'd see what fellow users were using.


  2. Lubslimegreen

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    The manufacturer is more important than the type. Either works well for single layer discs. If you are using double layer, always use +R. I use single layer -R and don't have any problems.
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    I would add to that that when buying Verbatim or TY discs make sure you get them from a reputable source as there are a lot of fakes out there
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    ALWAYS use DVD+R for speed and book type settings. I don't even have any DVD-R blank disks in my stockpile anymore.

    Let Imgburn identify the true type of blank disk your are using.
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    Sorry for the delay in my replying back to you all. I appreciate all your comments. Once I use my stash of DVD-R's I will be switching to DVD+R's since they seem to be the popular choice.