Does tsMuxer compress/shrink Blu-Rays down to 25GB?

Discussion in 'High Definition Software' started by Ric42, Nov 6, 2010.

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    I added a blu-ray file from Stream folder that was about 27.9GB, BD Rebuilder shows it as 28GB. But when encoding it with Dolby TrueHD in TS Muxing as output mode, the file was only 24.9GB.

    Dunno if its 1:1 quality? Is there an option to not make it compress it?

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    another Blu-ray movie clip shows up as 33GB in the stream folder, but when finished with TS format its only 28GB. How can this be? Shouldnt it be 1:1 copy? I keep the audio LPCM & DolbyTrueHD tracks. So it should be barley different in size.
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    It depends on what other streams are being removed. But it doesn't shrink the files at all in TSmuxer. If you are using BD rebuilder make sure you use custom for the output size and make the size bigger than the original disc
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    thanks for the reply. i tried BD-rebuilder & set the size larger then orig disc & it too WAY too long.

    Tsmuxer is done within 1-1.5hrs.
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    Shouldn't take that long unless you're taking it form the original Blu-ray disc rather than a hard drive.
    I always rip the disc to harddrive first then work from there. Using BD Rebuilder it then just extracts the stream, sees it doesn't need to do anything with it then rebuilds the structure. When done between 2 harddrives this usually takes about 20 mins or so
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    Or you can do it the easy way and set the custom size in BD-Rebuilder to 23,750 mb and just leave it there all the time because that size is just below the maximum that a blank BD-25 disk will hold and so it won't matter how big the movie file is 'or how small it is' as it will shrink the file if necessary to fit on a BD-25.

    Changing the custom size every time to fit each movie as someone else advised is totally unnecessary and a waste of time.

    With BD-Rebuilder you can do the entire original BD disk or go 'movie only' to leave out interviews, extra audio, etc. and if necessary it will also shrink the size of the file to fit it onto a single layer BD-25 and it does a great job at retaining video quality even after shrinking.

    That other individual is correct that its faster using AnyDVD-HD and copy the original Disk to the pc hard drive and then run BD-Rebuilder on that file instead of doing it off the Blu-ray disk as it will do it faster off the HD than off the Blu-ray player/burner.
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    I will never use BD_rebuilder again. any program that takes that long to copy off the disc is pure junk. TSmuxer is so brilliant. Fast & easy. Ts file is all i want, just the movie. 2TB hdd, no nonsense discs. ts rip plays prefect on TMT.:bowdown:
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    @Ric 42 You really haven't got a clue have you.:bang:
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    not again.
    @Ric42: first of all BD-rebuilder doesnt copy anything. It REBUILDS the entire disc similar to the way cloneDVD works. By removing unwanted audio & subtitle streams to decrease file size and fit it onto a blank.

    If all u want is the main movie then did you even check the option in bd-rebuilder "movie-only backup" ? Does exactly that. Disc with the main movie with audio & subs of your choice. No more no less.

    The reason it takes longer to REBUILD a BD is because well for starters the file structure. Its not as simple as with vob files, the m2ts files contain also everything but the info about wich audio stream is wich language, wich subtitle stream is wich language is NOT containted within the m2ts file. Thats in the cpli & related files. BD-Rebuilder needs to process those to correctly identify them.

    About not using them and BD-RB being junk. Well thats you're choice and oppinion wich you're entitled too. But for me well, its a freakin amazing program if you know how to use it.