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    can anyone give suggestions? I am currently using a brother mfc-j825dw printer to print labels on my backed up dvds. is there a better printer out there? I am currently getting my labels from "custom maniacs" but i feel the print quality should be better. Also, can you recommend a quality "hub Printable dl dvd disc to use in printing?
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    If you do not want to use labels then I suggest one of the Epson Artisan series printers. They will print directly on to the surface of a printable DVD. I have the 810 model and I am very happy with it. I use Verbatim printable DVDs and I believe they also have a line of DL's that have a printable surface.
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    I have had an Epson photo RX595 for years, it prints on any size white label CD, DVD, or Blu-ray blank disk and a copy and scanner too.

    Has 6 seperate ink tanks, I use the rebuilt ink tanks from almost any ink supply web site. $6.95 each for rebuilt ink tanks, no need to refill you own ink tanks anymore.

    Print quality is great, I print the movie on the blank white disks when I do a back-up of a disk.

    Internal ink pad never gets filled with ink, very easy to connect an external hose to an external ink tank and you can reuse the ink.

    Epson web site has software to reset the RX595 if the internal ink pad ever gets full.

    Also, no need for sticky labels to stick on your blank disk anymore and get the potential for a un-balanced back-up disk.

    The only bad think about Epson is they will hound you to death about using their brand of ink tanks at a price of $16. to $20. per ink tank. The rebuilt ink tanks that I use come from China and work great at $6.95 each.
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    Canon Pixma iP series