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    The first solution to disable Cinavia is here. DVDFab has a new way of creating backups so they don't trigger Cinavia anymore. This solution is particularly useful for PS3 users who were the most affected by Cinavia. What makes it a great solution is that the disc is much like the original, a protected backup so the Cinavia-enabled player will see it as trusted source and will play it back just like the original. People have made protected (isos) backups in the past, but those had the disadvantage that they only worked with the programs that made them; well, these protected backups are supposed to work on standalone players too.

    Technical details: the discs created are called BDMV-REC as they are AACS protected recordable BDMV. Another solution would be AACS protected BDAV, like the ones produced by Japanese BD recorders.


    * original Blu-ray disc with Cinavia watermark. DVDFab and DVDFab Passkey will tell if you have such a disc
    * a BD-RE (recommended for initial tests) or BD-R disc to store the protected backup
    * a BD writer
    * updated writing software. DVDFab checks for it anyway


    * It is a solution to disable Cinavia, exactly as it is disabled for the original disc, due to (AACS) protection layer being active.
    * DVDFab does all the tricks involved to create such a protected backup at a push of a button.
    * The disc can preserve all the original features like menus, interactivity, BD-Live.
    * Broad firmware support: PS3 users with firmware from 1.60 and up to 3.55 can use BDMV-REC discs; fw3.55 is the latest at the time of writing.
    * At any time, DVDFab or DVDFab Passkey can be used to remove the protection, if you need to.
    * This is kind of an official solution, because it involves support from AACS standards, the same standards that force adoption of Cinavia
    * While we tested it on PS3 for now, it may work on other players too. As results from tests will become available we'll update you with. Also it seems that only PS3 has Cinavia detector in current, up-to-date firmware (others disabled it, like LG, or just announced it for future firmware).


    * BDMV-REC is not implemented by all players. BD Players implemented Blu-ray standards as they saw fit to market their products. Not all of them have implemented AACS Recordable BDMV (BDMV-REC). PS3, being one of the best players, did.
    * If not on PS3, we encourage users to check the playback support for "AACS protected recordable BDMV" either with BD Player support or with a BD-RE.
    * PC players support protected BDAV, but not BDMV-REC.
    * Cinavia is not removed, just disabled. Well, whatever works We tried to provide you with a solution asap and this was the quickest.

    We plan to add support for the above-mentioned protected BDAV which gives a much broader adoption among BD Players, but does not have all the features: no menu, no interactivity, no BD-live, it simply is a Movie-only format.
    While this new solution disables Cinavia, we are also working on a removal solution.

    As always, discussion is welcome and appreciated in this thread.
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    The DVDFab work around is hardly much use at all, but I suppose it's a tiny step in the right direction.
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    Isn't it just using the VSO engine to burn the disc back without removing any encryption but as a BDMV-rec disc? If so then it's not actually doing anything at all except using the engine to burn a disc
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    I think it does something more than that. Otherwise standalone player won't able to decrypt aacs in absense of bd-rom mark. Burner can't burn that section so something is interesting going on.
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    I suspect it's more than that; it would probably have to generate a new AACS key that isn't reliant on a BD-ROM Mark being present (as in regular BDMV).

    Still, it's not much better than the other PS3 workaround; both work by faking out the PS3's Cinavia detector (this, by adding back AACS so it never kicks in; the other, by flagging the file's audio stream as LPCM when it's really lossy DD/DTS, so it won't decode the stream and find the watermark). I'm sure both SlySoft (via the recently-posted Cinavia-detection routine of an ARM-based SA) and PS3 hackers (using its recent basic-security cracks) will crack Cinavia sometime--"February" in SlySoft-speak (*NOT* necessarily next month). :D
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    From my viewpoint if you have a source Cinavia infected Blu-ray disk and a Cinavia infected standalone player, you can:

    Build a back-up disk with AACS protection still on the disk called (BDMV-REC) and will not trigger the Cinavia infection. Will need the following tools:

    1. DVDFAB 8070 beta version or newer, (bluray copy payware version only)
    2. Latest Imgburn 2550 to be able to burn the new type disk
    3. Back-up disk must be in full disk mode which will require a stockpile of white labeled BD-R 50gb dual layer disks and build back-up uncompressed. 1:1 backup.

    Going to test this set-up as soon as possible, when I get a Cinavia infected standalone player and willing to pay the DVDFAB payware fee.
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    Should have realized :doh: :eek: