Error: Can't open VCD!

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    I have spent hours researching this issue today without joy.

    Visio 2010 has been downloaded to my PC and is sat in C:Temp; however, when I open the download in explorer and choose mount using VCD I get the error message: Error: Can't open VCD!

    Also, there is no virtual sheep visible in explorer although I have selected to have 2 drives. I have ensured that Windows is set to 'show empty drives' too.

    The version is VCD and Windows 7 is my operating system. VCD has been used on this PC to mount images before.

    Any help would be really appreciated.


    Update: An uninstall, then re-install of the latest version of VCD has sorted the issue.

    Perhaps updates were required before VCD became compatible with the Visio 2010 download?

    Thanks for looking anyway all!
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