FBI Warning Scam Asking to Pay 200$ Fine

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    A few minutes ago my laptop got hit by this scam. Above is a link describing it. Below is a "copy and paste".

    The only way to get my laptop working for the time being was to restart it in safe mode. After the restart I did a sytem restore to 24 hours ago. ANY FURTHER STEPS I SHOULD TAKE BESIDES DOING A FULL VIRUS SCAN?

    Remove Fake FBI Moneypak Warning Scam Asking to Pay 200$ Fine to Unlock PC



    Fake FBI warning virus (fine@fbi.gov) to pay $200 using Moneypak to unlock the computer? FBI(fine@fbi.gov) blocks computers viewing porn? IP address blocked by fake FBI Moneypak virus and a window says pay $200 fine to unlock computer? Is there a chance that we pay 200$ and get our computer block if we watch illegal movies? I am victim of “FBI Money Pak” scam and need assistance to remove malware blockage from my computer:(

    My computer is locked saying pay $200 fine to FBI via Moneypak?

    Fake FBI Moneypak Warning virus is defined as a horrible scam that will lock your computer and ask for money to unlock. It has been quite popular recently and many computer users have been tricked by it. Most people turn to be very terrified when this fake FBI warning scam appeared on their computers saying that they have to pay $200 within the next 72 hours. Due to the authorization of the FBI Organization, some may pay directly according to what it says because they don’t want to be in any kind of legal troubles or even be put in jail for the rest of life. But as a matter of fact, this is known as an Internet scam created by some hackers. Once your computer gets blocked by this fake FBI Moneypak warning virus, try to stay calm and do some researches via another computer or mobile phones to check out its legitimacy at first before you go ahead and make the payment.

    To be more specific, once the infection is done, a warning page from the fake FBI Moneypak warning scam will block your computer and stop you from accessing to it. The warning is highlighted with the title of “THE FBI FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION” and stating mainly that you have been violating Copyright and Related Rights Law. You may have visited some illegal articles, pornographic websites, online videos or music. In the end of the warning it states that you have to pay fines within the next 72 hours after the infringement. But if you refuse to pay or cannot manage to pay in this period of time, “a criminal case is initiated against you automatically”. Although it looks quite legit and serious, it’s just an online fake warning to deceive money from innocent computer users. I was browsing a porn site and got a request to pay $200.00 to “money pak” to restore my service. what do you recommend that i do? All you need to do is to get rid of this fake FBI Moneypak warning scam completely as soon as possible.

    To save your computer, Live Chat with YooSecurity Expert Now, or you can follow the manual removal guide below to get your problem fixed. (For advanced computer users)
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    FBI Moneypak Pay $200 Fine Scam ScreenShot

    Symptoms of Fake FBI Moneypak Warning Scam Asking 200 Dollars Virus

    ■ You have been violating Copyright and related rights Law(Video, Music,Software) and illegally using or distributing copyrighted content, thus infringing Article I, Section 8, clause 8, also known as the Copyright of the Criminal Code of United States of America. If it is PCEU Virus then this is thus infringing Article 128 of the criminal code of Great Britain.

    ■ It can lock your computer and telling you have been viewing or distributing prohibited pornographic content(Child Porno/Zoofilia and etc). Thus violating article 202 of the Criminal Code of United States of America. Article 202 of the criminal provides for deprivation of liberty for two or twelve yours.

    ■ Illegal access to computer data has been initiated from your PC,or you have been…. Article 210 (it is 208 for PCEU Virus) of the Criminal Code provides for a fine of up to $100,000 and/or a deprivation of liberty for four to nine years.

    ■ Fines may only be paid within 72 hours after the infringement. As soon as 72 hours elapse, the possibility to pay the fine expires, and a criminal case is initiated against you automatically within the next 72 hours! (Sometimes it shows you within 2 hours or 48 hours).

    Page is loading, please wait. This may take up to 30 seconds.

    Your Computer has been locked! by FBI Moneypak Virus/Malware/Scam

    FBI website block for ip address infringement. Your Computer has been locked!

    Illegally downloaded material (MP3′s, Movies or software) has been located on your computer.

    By downloading, those were reproduced, thereby involving a crimial offense under Section 106 of the Copyright Act.

    The downloading of copyrighted material via the Internet or music-sharing networks is illegal and it in accordance with Section 106 of the Copyright Act subject to fine or imprisonment for a penalty of up to 3 years.

    Furthermore, possession of illegally downloaded material is punishable under Section 184 paragraph 3 of the Criminal Code and may also lead to the confiscation of the computer, with which the files were downloaded.

    Unlock computer
    To unlock your computer and to avoid other legal consequences, you are obligated to pay a release fee of $200. Payable through GreenDot Moneypak. After successful payment, your computer will automatically unlock.

    Failure to adhere to this request could involve criminal charges and possible imprisonment.

    To perform the payment, enter the acquired GreenDot Moneypak code in the designated payment field and press the “Submit” button.

    If The Fake fine@fbi.gov Locked My Computer What Can I do?

    FBI Moneypak Virus is one of the notorious ransomware that have started to target American computer users. Once downloaded onto your computer, it prevents you from accessing to the Windows Desktop, your files or Task Manager. And it shows a fake warning every time when Windows is launched, claiming that the victim’s computer system was involved in alarming illegal activity by the FBI. It says users have violated article I, Section 8, Clause 8, also known as the Copyright of the Criminal Code of United States of America or viewing prohibited pornographic content. Thus, computer is locked. This trick virus even detects IP from the infected computer, making users feel scared. The final goal of this virus is to ask users into paying a fine ($100 or $200) through moneypak with 72 hours. When I restart with safe mode it says please wait system will be downloading in 30 seconds but nothing happens. What you need to do is ignore the fake FBI Moneypak warning scam and seek for an efficient way to unlock your computer and clean out the infection.

    Best Way to Remove Fake FBI Moneypak Warning Scam Efficiently

    The FBI Moneypak ransomware is a scam spreading on the Internet which tries to scare you under the title of FBI. Once installed, it displays a large alert window claiming that your computer has been blocked due to it being involved with the following situation: viewing pornographic content, spreading spam, illegally using or distributing copyrighted content and so on. Basically, your system is completely locked so you will not able to perform any tasks in your computer. In the alert window, the fake FBI Moneypak Warning Scam also claims that you have to the fine through Moneypak of $200 in order to unblock your computer. If you pay the fine in time, your computer will be released in 1 to 72 hours. But if you don’t, then a criminal case is initiated against you automatically within the next 72 hours. To make the alert seem more reliable, the malware also usually finds a way to installed webcam in your PC so that the alert shows what’s happening in the room. Now you know that this FBI virus is just a scam to scare you and trick your money, right? So don’t be taken in. The alert should be ignored and this malware should be removed fast and completely. To remove this virus without files lost or important data destroyed, you must need these step-by-step manual removal instructions. Manual removal of Fake FBI Moneypak Warning Scam step by step.

    Step 1: Restart your computer in safe mode with networking. To do this, please keep pressing F8 key before windows launches until you get there shown as below:

    Step 2: Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys to open the Task manager to stop the progress of Fake FBI Moneypak Warning Scam. Because the name will be changed fast, it will be displayed with different name with random letters.

    Step 3: Delete all the files related to Fake FBI Moneypak Warning Scam

    Login to profile in which you are getting FBI Moneypak virus…
    Goto my computer
    Then press ALT button once
    Goto tools on menu bar
    Goth select Folder options…
    Click on view tab
    Select Show hidden files, folders, and drives
    Click ok button
    Goto C:\Users\profile name here\AppData\Local\Temp folder

    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\AAWTray.exe\Debugger svchost.exe

    Video Guide to Remove Fake FBI Warning Virus From Registry Editor

    Special tips: Are you scared to make a mistake for it will lead to damage your whole computer? Contact PC experts now to unlock your computer and remove the fake FBI Moneypak virus permanently and safely.

    Live Chat with Support Now

    Published by Karen J. Lawrence on July 18, 2012

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  2. fast eddie

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    What happened to the days when people were born with common sence?

    Your computer likes these programs and all running at the same time and won"t ask you for $200. because they are ALL freeware and work great if you keep them updated.

    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (manual), Windows defender (automatic), Avast Anti-virus (automatic)

    Also, if you don't lock your PC then there is no need to unlock it.
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  3. Hawk

    Hawk Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, It is not available anymore.
  4. just curious

    just curious Well-Known Member

    The programs protecting my pc were all up to date

    I went to a website ( I forget which one ) to watch a video. I clicked on a second video and after it played for a few seconds my laptop was suddenly taken over with the screen displaying a notice supposedly from the FBI that I was doing something illegal.

    At the same time my laptop's built-in webcam was turned on showing me next to the notice.

    I was instructed to send $200 within 72 hours to a certain party to unlock my computer. If I failed to do so I would subject to Federal prosecution.

    I knew it was a scam. I powered off my laptop figuring upon restarting I'd be back in action. That did not work as the notice was still there and my webcam was back on.

    I then restarted my laptop in safe mode and did a system restore. I then did did a complete maleware & virus check and it came back clean. Laptop has been working fine ever since.

    As my computer is protected by several up to date programs I was surprised that it was taken over rather easily!
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  5. Persen

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    Firefox and NoScript could also had helped

    If you were using Firefox and a addon for it called NoScript, then you could also had avoided that hostile takeover of your computer.
    These malwares are hiding within the script of such places who are infested with malware.
    NoScript blocks scripts who in general is not needed for showing webpages propperly. It will in some cases also block FLV streams, but Firefox allows you to click on the stream window it self and only load the stream and not the rest of the script hiding beneath the webpage.
    Works like a charm here, it even blocks annoying adds :)
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  6. nihilo

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    I was just hit with this scam

    I have tried rebooting in safe mode, but the malware is there also now. Will not let me get to safe mode...what next?
  7. NelsonAK

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    This is NEXT!!!!!

    I just got this FBI scam yesterday and as much as I know about scams I should have known this was a scam, however it looked pretty legit and really freaked me out. I spent all day today coming up with $200 to get the green dot card, I came home & made the mistake of entering the number to remove the block. However it didn't go away & instead said "Queing your code, please allow up to 12 hours for processing" that immediately caught my attention because it should have removed immediately.
    It gets much better though, being smart like I am, I used my PS3 to google search "FBI Your computer has been blocked" to find that it was a scam. I then immediately went to www.greendot.com & paypal.com, I chose to add the moneypack to my paypal account which it did, I then got on Ebay & ordered a trio set of wedding rings for $199.99 leaving .01 cents in my paypal account. The order has cleared and the money went to something useful. I'm getting married on August 21st, so this really helped me out as I didn't think I would have a ring for my soon to be wife, however now I have an engagement ring, wedding ring, & male wedding ring.
    Now for the bad news, the virus is still on my comp, but it don't scare me as i'm a computer tech with my Associate's Degree in Information Technology Networking and i'm 1/2 way to my Bachelor's Degree in Software Development right now. I was google searghing this and saw the post saying you can't get into safe mode without the FBI thing popping up, I have the same problem.
    Skip safe mode completely, keep restarting your computer until it says "Repair your computer" Then choose that option, from there you will be able to choose System Restore to restore your computer to an earlier time. The problem i'm having is this, I only have 2 restore points and neither of them is working. I'm going to have to do this the extensive way in a command prompt window. Does anyone have a full list of the files I need to remove for the FBI virus that claims I have illegal mp3's, movies or software, and to pay the fine of $200 within 48 hours or My computer can't be unblocked and charges will be initiated against me automatically one? Please email me back and let me know ASAP if you know exactly what files they are so I can remove them. Thanks.
  8. aman302

    aman302 New Member

    Fbi warning

    Hi my name is sifat and i was using my brother's computer and a fbi warning suddenly came i was so scared cause i thought it was my fault that it appeared by that i mean when i was new to USA a person gave other person a link it was a porn link i didn't know what does porn mean i accidently clicked it. Now after reading this topic i feel kind of relieved. My brother and i got 2 different username and i want to ask if it is ok to delete my username where fbi warning showed up because my brother's username doesn't have that warning. PLz reply as soon as you can.
  9. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator nl

    there is no need to delete your username or anything like that, if you have that popup the pc is infected with the virus and ya need to take it to a shop or someone that knows how to get rid of it.
  10. bashir1981

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    You can install a virus scanner or restore your pc and ask someone to have a deedfreeze installer so you can lock your system. It does work.
  11. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator nl

    a system restore won't do much good in this particular case, there are registry changes involved & more
  12. vze2mp9g

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    Here's the link to Deep Freeze : http://www.faronics.com/products/deep-freeze/ . Good Luck! 8)
  13. van8125

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    FBI $200 scam

    Go into safe mode right click on start/ select EXPLORE/ open documents and setting/ User Name/ local setting/ TEMP... I deleted all of the files in TEMP. When I rebooted Windows7 gave me some minor errors but the system rebuilt the needed files...The virus was gone. I did go into Task manager but found nothing loaded while in safe mode. You also may look in DOWNLOAD for files loaded the same day the virsus hit and delete them.
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  14. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator nl

    Euhm lol. Nice thread necro mate, you're about a month too late. No reply has been made (not even by op) since September 19th

    Verstuurd van mijn HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio Z715e met Tapatalk
  15. RFBųrn

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    Download EmsisoftEmergencyKit for free it will take it right out, Stay away from porn url's :agree:
  16. Usbepon

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    There is a bunch of antiviruses that work from usb. I would rather look for those that run as operating system...or use linux ;)
  17. geeksec

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    Yep, the latest version of FBI scam blocks internet connection and reset Safe Mode.
    HitManPro Kickstart bootable USB-flash does the trick: you can boot without Safe Mode and scan the system. Here is an example of the step-by-step removal guide
  18. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator nl

    nice first post. thread necromancy on a year old topic.
  19. geeksec

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    Sorry for that, but this scam is in the News headlines again.
  20. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator nl

    if ppl don't know the fix by now. Run malwarebytes in safe mode, remove, reboot, done.