FileIO 3 vts_06_1.vob

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  1. zulebg

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    Hi guys,
    trying to rip the TV series from 6 DVD collection originals, already 3 disc errors, and just 1 succesfully finished. It gives error on 78% of the ripping process :

    FileIO 3 vts_06_1.vob 2025779200 583680

    To be perfectly clear, it's not disc problem, there are 6 discs and never been used, new taken out from their boxes unscratched, perfectly clean.

    pls help

    AnyDVD 7.0.4 and AnyDVD tried on PC and Laptop BD and DVD drives, stacks at the same sectors (78% for example for 1st disc).

    many thanks in advance
  2. calcu007

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    where is the log? post a log
  3. Clams

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    All defective disks are new and unscathed. We need a logfile to see what's up.

  4. zulebg

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    Log file

    here it is for disc number 4 from 6 total (discs 3 and 6 are sucessfully ripped!, problem with 1,2,4 and 5).

    many thanks

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  5. Frank

    Frank SlySoft Support Team

    Typcial pressing error

    This looks like a typical manufacturing error.
    Note that the protection is very basic, no CSS and region free.
    Since there is no such thing as a studio placing a super evil protection only on part of a set of discs like this you can assume the FILEIO 3 is indeed a fatal read error. I am assuming these play well on the PC so it's strictly a data issue that exceeds the data tolerance but not affecting playing.
  6. zulebg

    zulebg Member

    I think you're right, but this is incredible, the discs have never been used before, just came to open them. Anyway, thanks a lot !
  7. Chris Gonzales

    Chris Gonzales SlySoft Support Team Staff Member

    Media is not CSS protected.
    Media is region free.

    - The producers didn't even spent money to put CSS or a region code on the disc. Seems unlikely that they spent a lot of money on an advanced protection system for a DVD featuring a local 1994 TV series (6 discs for app. 13 Euros).

    dvdfabio.sys (DVDFabIO Device Driver - vc9_x64_release, Fengtao Software Inc.)
    vdrive.sys (DVDFab Virtual Drive Device Driver - vc9_x64_release, Fengtao Software Inc.)
    vdrive.exe (DVDFab Virtual Drive Tray - vc9_x64_release, Fengtao Software Inc.)

    - DVDFab is assigned to your DVD drive. You can only install one ripper tool on one system, several tools can lead to access errors.