GameJackal v4.0.0.3 beta

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    Release v4.0.0.3 - beta (2009-09-08 )
    • Improved reliability between the Game Jackal client and server.
    • Profile display order fixed.
    • Manually profile creation is better supported.

    Release v4.0.0.2 - beta (2009-09-07)
    • Total rewrite to allow UAC and limited user accounts to be fully support. In addition this rewrite also address a number of blacklisting issues that have occurred with previous versions.
    • There are a number of things to note with this version.
      1. This version of Game Jackal can be installed alongside previous versions of Game Jackal. Profiles from v3 are compatible with v4, simply shutdown v4 and copy profiles from the profiles library folder of v3 to the profiles library folder of v4.
      2. Game Jackal no longer runs at start up. You simply open the interface when you would like to use the application, and then close it when you're finished.
      3. Guardian control has been disabled due to compatibility issues. We are looking into ways to re-enable it for the final release.
      4. The Windows 7 style interface is now the standard Game Jackal interface, with the older interfaces now removed. There are plans to provide additional themes to the Windows 7 interface.
      5. Desktop shortcuts are not supported (nor can they be generated). This will be addressed in the next beta.
      6. The "Convert to Game Jackal profile" option is not supported. This will be addressed in coming next betas and will finally support both x86 and x64 platforms.