HAVING TROUBLE, blu ray rip to stream on WHS

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  1. kevand123

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    Hello guys,

    I am having trouble ripping blu rays to store on my server to stream to my digital devices throughout my house.

    Some titles work and others DO NOT.

    When I rip the image to my hard disk some audio come is french some not at all. yet other have no video only audio.

    I know this is because it uses the first non hd audio source it can find.

    HOWEVER ripping the image is useless to me because it is not in a format that is able to be streamed.

    What can be done about this?
  2. Ch3vr0n

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    if you're referring to DLNA (digital living network alliance), the only certified video stream for that is mpeg2. If you're getting the wrong language then thats 99% chance because you're playing back from files, if the player is not able to play the HD audio file, it defaults to the next one it can. In your case french.

    BD's are ment to be played back in file structure only.
  3. kevand123

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    Using PS3 mediaserver, MKK, AVI MP4, WMV and many more are supported.

    I dont get to put them on the server to stream, becasue the audio is incorrect or the video is incorrect, again not on all titles but some.

    The question that I have is, how do we solve these problems and inconsistencies so that I can use a uniform, or as close as i can get, to watch my blu ray movies?

    Today i ripped AVATAR it works its fine its great, however I also ripped inception which anyDVD does not give a video file, or the codec, or.....

    MY QUESTION is how do we solve this so that ANYDVD will rip the blu ray so that I can watch it? not in french or spanish, but english.

    Again i understand hd audio and all its problems, BUT if anyDVD claims to rip the blu rays I feel that they should support the out come of that rip.

    It seems to me that ANYDVD claims that they rip the BLU RAY correctly its jsut the player who cant read the rips.

    ULTIMATELY I want to watch my blu ray without the disc, thats why im ripping it.
    IF and dvd cant do that, just say it.

    Their claims sounds like MICROSOFT's when they released shitty VISTA which had all the incompatibilities and problems.

    Microsoft claimed it was ALL THE OTHER software vendors faults, In reality we know that the OS is suppose to be compatable with all the program that an individual wants to use.

    So I want to rip a blu ray. I want to watch a blu ray, and not necessarily on a pc. I want to stream a blu ray.

    HOW DO I GET THE DATA ripped form the disk in a format that is useable.

    cause french is NOT useable, NO video is NOT usable.

    SORRY if that sounded like a rant, but Ive been working on this for almost a month between work, i dont have unlimited time to fool with it.

  4. PrincipalityFusion

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    first off, AnyDVD doesn't claim to "rip" anything. It is a disk decryptor which means that it removes the encryption put on there by the studios so you can use other software to rip commercial DVD, Blurays, HDDVDs that you own (or watch high definition media on hardware that is artificially designated as "non-compliant").

    In other words, AnyDVD is not a ripper. AnyDVD does have a ripper included in it's basic functionality, but that's not the true intent of AnyDVD and was added due to customer request.

    If you're wanting to create output in mkv, mp4, etc, you'll need to use tools that can take the AnyDVD output (ISO or folder structure) and convert it to that. Or you can fire up AnyDVD, put in your disk, and point your ripper software of choice at your disk.

    But all this is besides the point. You give no real details about how you are trying to do what you are doing, what you want the final outcome to be, etc. You just go on some rant about how AnyDVD is like Microsoft. The community is going to need a little more info and a little less hubris if you want to get any meaningful help.
  5. James

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    You can use TSMuxer or a similar tool to copy from the original disc with AnyDVD running in the background.
  6. Adbear

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    AnyDVD HD allows you to rip a copy of the disc with the encryption removed, that's it. Anything else is down to your player and not AnyDVD HD. If your player can't play back HD audio then you have to strip out the DTS or AC3 core or convert it. Same with the video stream. HD video on Blu-rays can be 1 of 3 different codecs. If your player doesn't support it then that's again down to your player and you'll need to convert the video stream to something it supports or get a different player.

    If you were playing back the rip as a proper Blu-ray structure in a proper Blu-ray playback software then it would play back properly, as you are trying to play them back as file only then you're not playing back the files in the way they were designed to be played back.
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  7. kevand123

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    You guys are right, i didnt give alot of info, and i did make a hast compairson.

    ripping blu rays is on of the most difficult things I have ever done.

    EVERY option seems to be a dead end, and I took it out on on anyDVD, IM just so frustraited!!! this is getting to be ridiculous :doh:

    is there anyway to accomplish what im seeking to accomplish?

    I have TSMuxer, I cant make the french go away!!!

    Again sorry guys it was uncalled for.
    hopefully i can figure this out.
  8. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator nl

    Ripping blu-rays is damn easy with anydvd hd. Rightclick the fox tray icon, select either "rip video dvd to harddisc" (rips to folder structure) or "Rip to image". (rips to iso file) All done, if your getting the wrong audio track its because your playing the disc the wrong way (open m2ts file directly) or your software player doesnt support hd audio and defaults to the first audio track it can decode. Often another language
  9. kevand123

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    How can this be done so that the transcoded file can be saved to the server to be played at a later time?
  10. SamuriHL

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    Woa woa woa. Everyone needs to calm down and start thinking for a moment. :) This is Blu-ray ripping, NOT rocket science. (I know James and Peer would disagree :D). Let's be very clear about this. If you are streaming the media to a PS3 there are MANY things to be aware of and NONE of them have anything to do with AnyDVD. Things to be aware of:

    1) PS3 does NOT like VC-1 in any kind of non-Blu-ray structure
    2) PS3 does NOT like HD audio in a non-Blu-ray structure
    3) PS3 hates Cinavia protected titles.

    Now, barring all that, there are things you can do. ClownBD allows you to make AVC disc structures with CORE audio (AC3 or DTS) that will work. Throw them on a flash drive, external harddrive, or whatever and they'll work just fine. They can't be streamed like that. If you want to stream them to a PS3, then you probably want to output them as a TS file. ClownBD can do that, as well. Then you can stream to your heart's content SO LONG AS NONE OF THE 3 THINGS I LISTED ARE TRUE FOR THE TITLE YOU'RE RIPPING.

    ClownBD can be found on this forum here:


    Now, take a deep breath, relax, and get to work. :)
  11. kevand123

    kevand123 Member

    I went to clownbd.com
    there are multiple downloads and I am not sure which program will deliver the results that i am searching for.

    Would you please make a suggestion?
  12. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Moderator (en)

    It's the same program. Get the full package as it contains everything you need.