Having trouble with Alien BD rip...Unable to load rip into Handbrake

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    I am having a bit of trouble ripping and converting Alien Blu Ray, for use on my iPad.

    I have used the same method dozens of times, but this particular disc has me stumpeed, and I was wondering if anyone has had any issues with it, and can offer any advice.

    Basically, the BD appears to rip OK, and I get the 31 M2TS files that make up the main movie, however, when I try to add any of these files to Handbrake, it comes up with a message saying:

    No Title(s) Found
    Your source may be copy protected, badly mastered or in a format which Handbrake does not support.

    Anyway, I am using the latest Handbrake version (and have even tried the nightly builds).

    As far as I can tell, Alien BD is Region Free, and I ripped it as such, though just to be sure, I also ripped it and told AnyDVD HD that it was Region B (it is a UK BD disc), but with the same result.

    The ripped files, however, play OK using Windows Media Player.

    If anyone has some thoughts and suggestions they can offer as to how/why Handbrake is not recognising these files, and how to resolve it, I'd be grateful.

    Like I said, I have done dozens of movies, with no problems. This has been the first awkward one.


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    Handbrake supports Blu-ray folder structure, so why load individual M2TS-files? Simply choose "Add folder" in the "Source"-tab, and point Handbrake at the top folder in the tree.