Hawaii Five-0 original series

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by Sinjinsu, May 3, 2012.

  1. Sinjinsu

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  2. Frank

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    Not likely a protection

    The error indicates CloneDVD gave up and went off into nirvana.
    I assume the discs 1-4 worked fine so we can give up looking for a protection issue since no studio I know of protects one disc in a set of five alone.
    And yes, this will play just fine or if I may ask, it DOES play 100% fine on the PC where you are trying to copy it, no?

    Just for grins let's try the "rip video DVD to hard disc..." option on the right mouse click menu on the AnyDVD tray fox icon and then burn from the Hard Drive and NOT the DVD.

    I suspect this will fail with a permanent READ error, not at all unusual for these re-released TV series DVDs.
  3. James

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    I believe something went wrong with the CSS archive of AnyDVD. Please try again, does it work now?
  4. James

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    Where do you see a read error? "Remuxing forced" indicates incorrect decryption.
  5. Frank

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    Only assumed ...

    I was under the impression that the remux forced error pointed to CloneDVD processing a DVD before AnyDVD was really finished with it. I recall in the past there were a few discs that needed 5 minutes+ before processing but thanks for the "Did you know that ..." tip on what it really means. Understanding the fine points of these error messages is always welcome.

    Maybe give some thought to adding this the to that message

    "Possible incorrect decryption"
  6. Sinjinsu

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    I hadn't thought of doing the rip from the AnyDVD menu, I had forgotten that it was even there since I usually never have a problem. That seems to have done the trick. Thanks! :clap::bowdown:
  7. Frank

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    Good news

    Thanks for your feedback. Yes, there are times when one must rip first even with CloneDVD. I'm glad to learn this worked for you. 8)