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Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by gaz2810i, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. gaz2810i

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    I have a collection of around 150 HD DVD's that I would like to rip into My movies and stream via my DUNE smart B1 player. Is there anyway of doing this? Do I need anything extra? I really thought it would be simple. I have ripped a couple and they all seem fine until I try and play them using the DUNE and it says they are not in the folder :-(

    Any advice? I want to be able to stream them to my plasma, I have a PS3 X-Box 360, Pioneer LX55 BD Player and a Dune Smart One plus a Windows media server 2011 using My movies and AnyDVD-HD
  2. Adbear

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    I'm assuming the Dune doesn't support playback of HD DVD's which is why it doesn't recognize it. You're probably going to have to convert them to a different format for them to be recognized. You could try Clown BD which will let you convert them to a 'movie only' Blu-ray format
  3. gaz2810i

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    Thanks, so basically I need to find a alternative method of converting HD DVD's to play via the DUNE?

    Is there anywhere I can find out more about Clown BD, Will I be able to use the Ripped ISO's created by AnyDVD-HD and My Movies or will I need to re-rip outside of my current infrastructure?

    Am I then able to use these converted clips using My Movies? Which Files does MY Movies support and can I convert the entire ISO or will I need to extract the movie only?
  4. mike_r

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    You can start with either the original or ripped ISOs. Personally I prefer ISO as HD-DVDs seem to be more prone to read errors.
  5. gaz2810i

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    OK to I get an ISO using my current work flow using My movies and AnyDVD-HD and extract and convert using Clown BD? What will this give me and how will I be able to play them?

    I'm so new to all this :eek:
  6. Hawk

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    In clown bd you need to choose an option which can be played by your dune player.

    Simply put you need convert hd dvd to format you dune understand. Refer to player manual for formats your player can handle.