HOP - black screen when movie should start

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  1. cnjvh

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    Hi all,

    ANYDVD HD: Trial
    Player: TMT 5
    No codecs loaded other than what TMT 5 loads

    I'm using AnyDVD HD to back up movies to folders with copy protection removed. This has worked perfectly thus far.

    Tried backing up HOP. The backup up process completes in about 35 minutes with no errors reported. Using default settings for BD.

    - not removing any trailers, clips, etc.
    - not removing region code
    - not using speed menus

    When I play back the movie, however, I only get a black screen - controls are non-functional.

    Everything before the movie plays fine (trailers, ads, etc) with or without BD-Live enabled in the TMT5 player. If I tell TMT5 to allow internet access I get BD-live content, if I tell it not to allow Internet access, I get whatever trailers are on the disk. In both cases I just get a black screen right when the actual movie content would start.

    Playing back the physical disk in the same system works perfectly.

    Right now I am just using the TMT5 player by itself and not playing from within WMC (although this has been working fine so far).

    Both the physical drive and the TMT 5 player are set to the US region (although the drive calls it Region 1 and the player calls it Region A).

    This is a fairly new release...could this be due to AnyDVD HD being a trial? If the trial didn't have access to the right key would it backup using a possibly incorrect key or would it put up a warning and not try to complete the backup? I didn't receive any warnings when starting the backup.

    Also, I noticed a .zip file and film index file present in the backup folder (seen this in a few movies actually). Could this be related?

    The log file is attached.


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  2. mike_r

    mike_r Moderator (de)

    When you disable AnyDVD, can you play HOP in TMT5? Did you try enabling SpeedMenus?
  3. cnjvh

    cnjvh New Member

    When you disable AnyDVD, can you play HOP in TMT5?

    - The folder will not play in TMT 5 with or without AnyDVD running
    - The disk will play in TMT 5 with or without AnyDVD running

    Did you try enabling SpeedMenus?

    - No I didn't. Can I do that after the disk has been backed up to a folder already (can't try this myself at the moment as I am not at the HTPC)?

  4. James

    James SlySoft Development Team Staff Member

    Well, in this case just don't play from folder. Either play the original disc or an .iso (mounted with Virtual CloneDrive).
  5. cnjvh

    cnjvh New Member

    Hmm playing the original disk sort of defeats the whole purpose of ripping disks. Could try the other method if need be.

    As it happens I did find a workaround. I re-ripped with the Disable BD-live option checked. Problem solved. Kind of a bummer though as I have done all my disks so far without that option checked. May have to go back and doba bunch of them :(
  6. FurryGuy

    FurryGuy Well-Known Member

    For troubleshooting and testing purposes such as what you are having to do to solve a problem sometimes requires going back to the original disc to narrow down what could be at fault.

    BD playback works best if you rip as ISO so the player software sees a virtual disc layout. Playing back from folder can cause problems as you might be experiencing.
  7. tphelps19

    tphelps19 New Member

    Wow..... wow wow wow wow. Same exact problem for me and I have backed up over 1300 titles, many of which I don't have the discs anymore. Are the folders that don't work just completely useless now since I had that option unchecked for so long? (which was unchecked because that was the default option for AnyDVD for a while).
  8. marine92104

    marine92104 Well-Known Member

    Did you try hitting Control & the letter T together?

    Sometimes when I get a black screen if it will go past it on TMT 5 with hitting Control T.

    I quite ripping discs with no advertisements, etc selected.

    Sometimes with TMT 5 if creates a problem.
  9. just curious

    just curious Well-Known Member

    You can convert your folders to .iso with Imgburn (free program)

    If some of your folders result in "Black Screen" playback use imgburn to convert them to .iso format and mount the .iso image with VCD. The playback software will play the .iso image as if it was a real disc.