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    I just purchased a ANYDVDHD license for version 6890. I followed directions though it isnt working. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with the notepad file that was sent as my license. The instructions indicate to double left click on the file and when I do it comes up in notepad but I dont know what I'm supposed to do.

    I restarted my PC and I try to start Any DVD but all I get is a message telling me my trial period has expired.

    What am I supposed to do?

    By the way I'm operating W7 Home Premium 64 bit as my PC
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    I followed the instructions of the next post down. It seemed awfully easy, why cant these instructions be offered before people have to go looking for answers?
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    I thought the instructions were included in the e-mail you receive with the license key file?
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    Reading carefully helps

    Read the license mail again carefully, please.

    Note what comes BEFORE doing anything with the keys.
    Steps 1 and 2 in the license email come before doing anything with the key file(s).
    This "open" problem can only happen if:

    1. you did not install

    2. you did but did not reboot

    3. you did 1&2 but the key file is not on the desktop.

    Windows does not have the foggiest idea what to do with the key file if it can not associate it with the product and may try to open it with Adobe, Notepad or whatever.

    There is nothing in the key file to read, copy, edit, cut, paste, excel, word, front page, outlook, nothing.....

    Here is what needs to be done as per the license email:

    product installed + PC rebooted + key on desktop + double click on the key file

    NOTE: see Windows help as needed and turn off User Account Control for the registration. If the double click on the key file does not work then please use this method:

    start/all programs/slysoft (or elaborate bytes)/(PROGRAM NAME)/Register PRODUCT/

    then: navigate to the Desktop, locate the key file with the correct symbol on it for the product, click it ONCE, then "OPEN".

    That should give you the "OK" message to double click the program's icon again to start it new.
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    Can Someone Help Me?

    Where is this "next post down"? I have a serial number, but when I try to open CloneDVD Mobile to activate it, it tells me my trial has expired. How do I activate it?


    BTW, I am an advanced computer user, running Windows 7. If I need to edit the registry, I know how to do that.

    Edit: (again)

    What is a "key file"? I don't have one.
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    Slysoft products do not use text based serials to ever somewhere. They rely on key files. If you no longer have those, or the mail they came attached to visit fill in the info asked for and all your license key files will be mailed to you again. All you need to do is check us mailbox.

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    You should have received an email that contained the above info, plus an attachment. The attachment contains your key file. Look for your email, follow the advice given and you will activate your product. Be sure to check your spam folders if you can't find it at first.
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    Thank You both so much, Ch3vr0n and wowszer! That helped me a lot! :D