How do I make a back-up copy of my liscense key

Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by bullpup12564, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. bullpup12564

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    This is followup of the first post. If all is working well and I need to reformute my hard drive in the future how do I make a liscense key backup?
    What d0 I need to copy to a memory stick for safe keeping?
  2. jonframe

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    Back up

    Hi there, I have just reformatted my hard drive and I just copied the latest program files and the license key file to a DVD-RW along with my other files and simply copied them back when ready. You can also make back up copies on a floppy if you have a drive.
  3. IcePhoenix

    IcePhoenix Translator (da)

    either jsut keep the key files safe which you downloaded after paying...

    or export the key values from your registry database...

    values can be found at:




  4. denis

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    What if you send your mail with the key to a webmail, like gmail or other ones? Then you would always have a backup. Not?:)
  5. When you pay, you are sent a registration file. This file (when run) enters certain properties into the registry as outlined above by IcePhoenix.

    Once you have installed the SlySoft program that you purchased, the registration file can be double-clicked to register the program. I keep my registration files on a 3½" diskette, but sending them to an online email storage site is a great idea as well (thanks denis). That way you always have a copy of that file for the odd time when you have to reformat your computer.

    I actually have a dummy gmail account that I'm going to use for this kind of thing from now on.:D
  6. kd4dii

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    I usually just zip them and store them on other drives on my machine and on my backup cds and dvds. Works for me.

  7. bruceb

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    You can copy the reg file that Slysoft sends you just like any other file.
    Right Click on it, select Copy and then Paste it where ever you want
    say a Fash Drive or another Folder

    The File id is: Key.CloneCD
  8. JacktheRipper

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    Licence key backup

    I've done this, all you have to do is burn a copy to cd or 3.5" floppy.
  9. Tex

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    I Did... Nothing!

    I had a virus on my computer. It always kept rebooting. I uninstalled my Windows XP and installed it again. I lost everything. When I downloaded AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 again, they came with the registration keys. So, I had to do nothing. Slysoft knows who their customers are. If you download the programmes updates using the same computer when you purchased them, you have nothing to worry about. If you will need the registration keys they'll be sent to you next time you update any purchased product from Slysoft.
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  10. jcrochford

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    Just copy the key files to a USB drive, CD, floppy disc, or other storage media. Re-install your SlySoft programs on the reformatted/new computer. Copy the files back to the new machine and double-click each one. All done!
  11. Clams

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    I have a "Drivers" folder in my "My Documents" folder. That folder contains my latest Nvidia drivers, the AnyDVD setup file, The DVDShrink3.2 setup file, DirectX 9c setup file, My ANYDVD KEY file, Media player 10 setup file... etc etc.

    Since the 1st thing one does to a clean Windows install is copy his "My Documents" over to the new one.... all my common 1st installs (and the keys) are always right where I left them last time. :)

    Yes.. If you havn't backed up your My Documents folder - you really need to.
    (or you get what you get)

  12. LordVampyre

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    I burned mine on to a "purchased" cd where I put keys, passwords ect to all my purchased items. I also put the keys on a thumb drive .. so I have 1 copy on another hard drive My e: drive, one on cd, one on a thumb drive .. so hopefully I have it covered.
  13. bruceb

    bruceb New Member

    I keep mine in a folder called Program Serials or Reg Codes
    I also keep a copy in the same folder where the Download of
    the program resides

    In my computer on C:\ there is a directory

    C:\Downloads .. in that I put Sub Folders for each app like CloneCD
    The downloaded app and key file go in there .. I also rename each
    download to reflect the Version Number .. this way I have a copy of
    all the Versions to date in case I want to go back to an older version

    You could also name the directory: C:\My Downloads or My Download Files
  14. resnick

    resnick Active Member

    Backup of License Keys

    Keep the backup of the License Keys in whatever format of storage you prefer... Away from your computer. I keep mine in a safe which is in the garage. That way if the system ever crashes, I am ready for a clean install after download!
  15. bruceb

    bruceb New Member

    That is a good idea .. I also keep a Ghost Image of my computer
    on a seperate hard drive .. it is updated whenever I install a new
    app or sometimes I just reimage it every 3 months or so

    I also keep a backup of my important personal folders with stuff
    like regkeys and downloads, excel sheets, etc
  16. Embry

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    Backing up key from registry

    I found that when I double clicked on my registry backup, the key was imported into the registry, but AnyDvd was still in trial mode. I found the fix was to open the registry file using the AnyDvd registration program. That did the trick.

  17. Ch3vr0n

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    7 year old thread necro nice. anyways going the registry route is NOT the way to do it. Open the email you got upon purchase, rightclick the attachment license keyfile, save to usb stick or something. Backup complete. THAT is the only good way to do it.