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  1. darlan34

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    I have downloaded and installed anydvd hd version

    I purchased blue ray dvd burner, and bd-r disks.

    When I install blue ray dvd into burner and click on clone dvd2 which opens, then I click on copy dvd titles.

    Title configuration page I hit browse, then I click on the drive for my blue ray dvd burner (which shows the movie title) I then click on aacs tab (not sure If I should be clicking this) but I get error (File 0 E:/AACS/VIDEO_TS.IFO 2) unable to find file or open file.

    Please assist on what I am doing wrong. ps I've done extremely well on using clone dvd but the blue ray is all new to me.

    also when I go into the ANY DVD STATUS I get this

    Summary for drive E: (AnyDVD
    HL-DT-ST BD-REGBW-H20L YG02 00081208218A8I5116
    Drive (Hardware) Region: 0 (not set!)

    Current profile: BD-ROM
    Media is a Blu-Ray disc.

    Total size: 11926944 sectors (23294 MBytes)
    Video Blu-ray label: NEXT3DAYS

    This version of AnyDVD does not work with Blu-ray discs!
    Please upgrade your keycode to AnyDVD HD!
    Please visit for more information!

    I have a lifetime liscense for my anydvd, clone dvd and clone cd..
  2. Hawk

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    You need Anydvd HD key which is different from anydvd key to process Blu-ray medium. Also clonedvd 2 doesn't handle Blu-ray medium. Clown BD and BD-rebuilder are two program which can handle blu-ray and are free for know. Slysoft is working on blu-ray copy program with no ETA yet of it's release. However Clonecd can create 1.1 image of Blu-ray medium.

    To upgrade your key make sure you have original e-mail address and license number and visit
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  3. darlan34

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    Thank you for your quick response.. I clicked on the link and it is wanting me to pay for anydvd hd I have upgrades for a lifetime how do I get this fixed?

    I inserted my serial # and email address from when I purchased it..

    Any ideas?
  4. PrincipalityFusion

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    You have a lifetime license for AnyDVD. This does not include a license for AnyDVDHD. You need to purchase that separately.

    Think of it this way. You purchased basic cable. With that comes along free cable boxes for the lifetime of your cable subscription. However, if you want digital cable, you need to upgrade your package.

    So the same with AnyDVD. You purchased the version that only works with DVDs, now you want to upgrade to another product. Note the difference between update and upgrade.

    Update - adding additional features or fixing bugs with existing features for an existing product. Sort of like i get complementary peanuts with my existing plane ticket, but i'm still in the same class.

    Upgrade - moving from one class of product to another class of product. Moving from class A (AnyDVD) to class B (AnyDVDHD). Sort of like i upgraded my first class plane ticket to business class. And now, my peanuts are in high definition

    Did this dead horse turn to glue yet??:D