How to install windows 7 on a second hard drive?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Henryreed, Apr 21, 2011.

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    Hi, Currently I am running Windows XP 64bit on my first hdd, I would like to install Windows 7 on my second hard drive, does anyone know how to do this so i can keep Windows XP on my first HDD without loosing all the data for XP and have a dual boot between Windows XP 64bit and Windows 7.
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    First off how big is your first HDD? If it is sufficient you can install both O/S on the same HDD and do a dual boot from that HDD? Also can only loose your data from corrupted HDD and not backing up the data. Also most programs that can run in XP will run and install on 7 with some tinkering but I got my XP programs to load fine with 7. You might want to check those software site to see if they have updates to their programs so it will work under 7 as well. I myself not a fan of dual boot unless your needing it to diagnosis customers computers or a custom builder and need to test hardware and software. And if you noticied they do have W7x64 and it has more hardware and software support as well better then XPx64 does. So it might be a good time for you to decided to go 7 since you have 7 now. But you didn't mentioned which version of 7 you have as well. If you have x64 for XP you should've gotten 7x64 so that the move won't be so bad as x64 program should work for 7x64 as well.
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    So easy you'll almost wish you didn't ask!! 8)

    Please make sure you have everything that's important on the XP drive backed up... just in case.

    Insert your Win 7 disk into the drive.

    Restart the system, and make sure that it's set to boot from the optical drive first. If not, go into the BIOS and set your Boot Order to the optical drive.

    After the disk is running and setup is hummin along, you will get to screen that shows all your drives in the system and the question before you will be which drive you want to install on. Simple select your second hard drive and continue.

    That's it.

    Once that is done, you will have a boot menu appear when you start the system allowing you to choose which OS to boot.

    Also note: if you do choose to install 7 on the XP drive, you will have to do a clean install. There is no upgrade, so all the files, pics.. music etc will be wiped out.

    @Recycle.... lots of people will continue to keep XP alive for not only personal reasons, but it's still easier to run older software then having to worry about using virtual software.
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    That may be but the older it gets the less secure the O/S becomes and unstable as software will be written for the new O/S and with 7 it will not support all the older XP software as well. There is a feature called xp compatbility to run XP program that I used and it has worked out fine with me. So there is no need to run virtual software when I use it. Also power management is more superior to XP on laptop as well. I myself was a XP user til I used the trial 7 and went 7 and haven't looked back. Plus it has better multiple user accounts settings compared to XP. So there are big advantages to going 7. There comes a time when XP users will have to ask themselves are they disadvantaging themselves from getting a better computing experiences or not? Yes there is cost to going 7 but nothing is ever cheap when you make the change...for anything. Plus 7 has better hardware support where XPx64 is lacking in which is something to look at as well. 7 Does has it's fault as the interface is a hybrid of vista and xp interfaces but if one has used both software already one will learn to use a new O/S as well.
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    I have win 8 on my primary hdd and want to install win 7 on my 2nd hdd. Did he leave the primary hdd in to install?
  6. fast eddie

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    Make sure you have at least 8GB of memory installed for Windows 7.

    I am in the process of moving hardware and software from an XP machine that I want to use on a new Windows 7 machine.

    Sometimes it is just time to get rid of the outdated stuff on the XP machie and just run a new high performance 3.6GB processor Windows 7 machine.

    Also, sometimes there are old software programs that won't work on a Windows 7 machine like MUSICMATCH.
  7. Recycle

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    Just make a dual boot....I doubt Win7 will let you run it from a 2nd HDD...Windows always want's C:\ as the primary drive setup.
  8. Recycle

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    Try Nero 6....that to me was the best burning program that Nero didn't update correctly to work with Win7....
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    I recently purchased a new laptop with Windows 7 Pro/64 bit, and was worried about transferring my legacy programs which I use quite a lot, but in the end all of them but one transferred and run great. The one that didn't failed probably because it had a conflict with one of the existing programs that came with the machine. Some of these programs date back to the WinME days.

    It probably would be a good bet to start with a dual boot to make sure your old programs run, but you probably can go with Windows 7 alone after you verify that. You still would be stuck with the problem of wiping out your old data if you do a single install over the old XP so you would need to copy all your data to external memory until you reinstall, then copy it back.

    I've heard some bad stories about Windows 8 and legacy programs though, and don't care for the Win8 environment, which is one reason I stuck with Windows 7 when I got my machine.
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