How to Register anyDVD on Windows 8?

Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by roofrabbit, Aug 22, 2013.

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    I am somewhat embarrassed to have to ask this question.

    I have had anyDVD for many years on my desktop computer, and now I want to install it on a laptop having Windows 8 OS. Somehow, I can't register the program even tho I have the serial number.

    Here's what I have done:

    (1) On laptop, downloaded anyDVD and installed. Result: tiles show in Windows 8 for anyDVD plus anyDVD register.

    (2) Clicking on tile, anyDVD runs. No request to enter serial number, no reminder that only so many days remain for evaluation copy.

    (3) Clicking on anyDVD register tile, get only a window that shows the documents folder -- no folder or file therein about anyDVD.

    Of course I have read the sticky note about registering -- not applicable since it says to open the Start menu: there is no start menu with Windows 8, only tiles.

    Also, have viewed the Programs folder to see the anyDVD executable and other files. The program in this folder that looks like it might be used to register results in the same as step (3) above.

    What should I do? Let well enough alone, maybe registration is not needed? Wait until the trial period is up, maybe I will be asked to enter the serial number that I paid for?

    By "serial number," I mean the registration key that I have saved for anyDVD.
  2. roofrabbit

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    More info.

    When I said that I have registration key, I mean only that I emailed the password from my deskop to my new laptop with Windows 8. This password I saved in a text file, which I mailed to the laptop email address. Receiving the email at the laptop, I know the password, or serial number needed for registration.

    I don't know about a program starting with "key" that the sticky file mentions. Does knowledge of the registration key suffice to register andDVD?
  3. mmdavis

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    The "key" is a file that was sent to you in an email from Slysoft after your initial purchase. It would be called "AnyDVD.key" or "AnyDVDHD.key". It is not a serial number that you input. You double-click the key file to register.
  4. Frank

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    Pick one machine

    Since we are not selling shareware please pick one machine to run on and remove the products from the other.

    Make sure you have rebooted the machine after installing AnyDVD and make sure the key file is on the Desktop.

    With the key file for ANYDVD on the desktop please do this:
    start > all programs > slysoft > anydvd
    RIGHT CLICK register AnyDVD > select "Run as administrator"
    Click the large Desktop icon to the left or locate the ANYDVD KEY... file.

    Click on the key file for anydvd(hd) once, then OPEN and you should then get the OK! message.
    Reboot the machine to complete the registration.