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  1. Julzsez

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    I am confused. I use to back up my movies with the help of SlySoft and DVD Shrink. I guess that is not an option any more.
    Will Roxio 2010 Pro work with SlySoft in backing up movies?
  2. Adbear

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    If you want to use shrink then you have to rip to folder first on newer discs
  3. just curious

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    Another issue with using dvdshrink

    Dvdshrink can't read from nor write to a hard drive 3tb in size or larger. It will "error out" if you try do do so.

    When following Adbears advice "If you want to use shrink then you have to rip to folder first on newer discs" You will need to rip to a 2tb or smaller hard drive.

    If you rip to a folder located on a 3tb or larger drive Dvdshrink will "error out" when it tries reading from the folder.

    I'd suggest using Clonedvd2 instead. No need to "rip to folder" first PLUS Clonedvd2 can read from and write to a 3tb hard drive!
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  4. Gummigutta

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    I have a 3TB hard disk and had never had any problems with DVD Shrink regarding that disk. :confused:
  5. just curious

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    It just may apply to me and a few others!

    I have a 3TB hard disk and had never had any problems with DVD Shrink regarding that disk

    I came across the issue when I obtained my first Western Digital My Book Essential 3tb usb 3.0 external drive.

    Dvdshrink "errored out" when I tried reading from or writing to folders via Dvdshrink when the drive was connected to either my Windows 7 desktop or laptop. My other external drives, all 2tb or less in capacity, worked fine with Dvdshrink.

    I contacted Western Digital and was told they were aware of the issue. They said Dvdshrink was not compatible with the way 3tb drives stored data.

    Thank you for correcting me Gummigutta. Obviously Western Digital was wrong in their answer. In any event I just did a test. Dvdshrink still can't read nor write from my 3tb external drive although Clonedvd2 can.

    Either the issue is limited to my particular model of 3tb drive OR something on my two computers is to blame.
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  6. Gummigutta

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    Don't want to go to much OT but mine is also a WD, but internal. Windows 7 64bit.
  7. Recycle

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    Roxio is a disaster of a program and won't work well with slysoft. I seen and read logs where Roxio was installed and it caused copy and backup problems when Anydvd was used or another slysoft was used. So dump Roxio and just get Imgburn and use it with Anydvd.
  8. fast eddie

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    This works for me on 1TB or less hard drives. Don't have any hard drives bigger than ITB.

    AnyDVD HD or AnyDVD
    DVD Shrink

    And, like Adbear said rip to hard drive and then load the movie in DVD Shrink.
    There used to be a small software program running around that would connect DVD Shrink directly to Imgburn, very similar to the way Clown BD does. Instead of showing Nero in DVD Shrink it would show Imgburn.
  9. autodidact

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    The tweaked DVD Shrink can be found here:
    I still use DVD Shrink, it's an amazing piece of software!
  10. Indyrod

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    I was just about to post my own version of this problem with my new WD 3TB External drive, when I found this thread. I have the same problem as you might have guessed when trying to use Dvd Shrink. I have another such program that still works fine with the 3TB, so just wondering if anybody has found any solutions to this, outside of the work arounds which are obvious. That's for us that really would like to keep using Dvd Shrink, but go directing to the 3TB external, not the two step. also, I have two other WD 2TB externals, and they have no problem.