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  1. gabrielefx

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    Dear Slysoft Sirs

    Today I purchased a copy of AnyDVD HD because I have a Sony laptop with a bluray reader.
    I use professionally many graphic softwares and I use pc for 25 years.
    Well, this is the first purchased software I can't install!!
    I followed every install steps, every suggestions and I found that tons of people have problems to install this 50euros software.
    I have Vista 64 Ultimate, I runned installation as Administrator but AnyDVD HD always started in demo mode.
    I deleted all keys with regedit, then installed again, double clicked on the license key....and no luck.
    Only renaming the license key with .reg I was able to see the registration strings with regedit. If I delete the keys manually and double click "as administrator" the license key nothing happens. I open regedit and the license string isn't installed.
    I can't re-format my pc.

    Please help me

    Best regards,
  2. mmdavis

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    Do not rename the key. Save the AnyDVD.Key file to your Desktop or a place on your drive that you can find it and point the box that opens to that location.

    Start/All Programs/Slysoft/AnyDVD/Register AnyDVD
  3. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    If all the directions have been followed in this thread then you might wish to contact Slysoft directly ( Personally, I've run the software under XP, Vista x64, and Windows 7 x64 and never run into problems so it's hard for me to offer advice.
  4. gabrielefx

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    Obviously i did it before to try every type of installation!

    I downloaded your license key...I saved it on the desktop...I double clicked luck
    The message window says: Registration of c:\..... ok! Please restart AnyDVD!
    Ok, I restarted it and again it says that is in demo mode.
    I uninstalled everything, reinstalled the 6.6.6 release, rebooted, installed the license, rebooted again....Anydvd is in demo mode.

    But the bad problem is that also in demo mode I can't read no bluray disk!
    I tried to insert in the reader 10 different bluray movies and the software says that has to connect to the server to download updates.

    Please tell me what's wrong in AnyDVD HD

    Best regards
  5. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    If the Blu-Ray discs are newer releases that the software doesn't already have information in the internal database then it needs to contact the server. Trial mode users cannot connect to the server. Once your software is correctly registered then you'll have no issues contacting the server and retrieving whatever is necessary to handle the discs. if you are using a version older than v6.6.6.2 beta then I'd recommend updating:

    If you contact Slysoft Support you can get some one-on-one support so that you can resolve the registration problems.
  6. gabrielefx

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    doesn't work

    Dear Sirs,

    At this point I want back my money because I can't use your software, In 25 years of computer use I never found similar problems.

    I followed every step and readed every installation method and philosophy on how to authorize AnyDVD HD

    I don't understand how a so simple program can't work on my laptop.

    I think you have to reprogram from scratch your authorization/license activation engine because hundreds of people have the same problem like mine.

    I installed every highly professional software like Autodesk products, Adobe products, license authorizations via phone, serials, emails, hardware dongle, networked mac addres licenses without problems.

    If you want I can share my remote desktop of my Vista 64 to show you what's wrong with your license system/process, on my network I have a public ip, I can enable your access.

    If you want I can send a log file, I saw that AnyDVD generates in a directory, scrubbing the zipped file I readed a list o process that run on my machine.

    I can't reformat my laptop because it's a Sony VGN AW21 with tons of softwares and utilities pre-installed.

    Please give me a tecnhical and deep infos where to look in the registry and understand if AnyDVD is authorized or not.

    I didn't readed the legal terms and contitions about the purchase of your software but I wasn't able to use AnyDVD HD functions.

    Best regards,

    Gabriele Gelfo
  7. gabrielefx

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    this is the log file with no disk inserted

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  8. mike20021969

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    How many days are left on your trial period?
  9. gabrielefx

    gabrielefx Member

    18 days...

    but whatever bluray disk I insert the software says that has to connect to the server, I can't use the demo functionality neither.

    I looked at the registry with regedit but there isn't any license registered with my license key, I scanned every "slysoft" "anydvd" "anydvdhd" variable

    When I double click on the license file the software says that it's ok....but what is ok? ok for what? I'm administrator of my machine and I disabled uac since the first time I've purchased the laptop.

    Why is it so complicated? I really don't understand

    I haven't any viruses, scanned the entire system with Nod 32 updated and original.
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  10. Peer

    Peer SlySoft Development Team Staff Member

    The reason for your trouble is quite simple.
    You had installed a cracked version of AnyDVD previously, which becomes evident through the existence of the file


    which is loaded into the process according to the log file.
    This crack is known to prevent successive attempts to actually register AnyDVD properly later on (and even worse: it won't go away by uninstalling the crack). This is a known problem cause by this kind of crappy crackware.

    The "hundreds of people having the same problem" were actually having the same situation.
    You see, our activation engine is just fine and needs no rewriting, instead the use of cracks should rather be reconsidered in general.

    You will find the file AnyDiscHelp.dll in your system32 directory and there is also a registry entry, that makes this dll load into every process in your system.

    Remove that crap and you'll be fine (I know this is embarrassing, but that's what you get :) ... ).
  11. Frank

    Frank SlySoft Support Team

    What can you expect?

    And beating up on support for this is also VERY unfair. :mad:

    I am working your ticket and got the same text you entered here.

    That was why I wanted the log from you next if the OK! turned to trial on the reboot.
  12. mike20021969

    mike20021969 Well-Known Member

    Let's see gabrielefx wriggle out of this one :D
    Very embarrassing indeed!! :D:D
  13. gabrielefx

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    I don't know who is right or wrong between me and you.

    I can investigate is someone of my family installed previous version of AnyDVD in my system.

    By the way...

    AnyDiscHelp.dll (C:\Windows\system32\AnyDiscHelp.dll) is the string that creates your software but i dind't find no anydischelp.dll in my system32 directory.

    I checked with regedit anydischelp.dll found

    I started in safe mode, opened cmd.exe executed a dir any*.* /s command but on my system there is no presence of the file you said

    probably another service interfers with AnyDVD

    I don't know what to do. I'm not frustrated by a software that I don't use profesionally, I would like to use it to copy my bluray movies into my iPad.

    That's all.

    Best regards.
  14. James

    James SlySoft Development Team Staff Member

    Maybe the file is "hidden". Crackers love that.
  15. Peer

    Peer SlySoft Development Team Staff Member

    Not having installed that crack myself, I can only guess, but my bet is, the file is hidden, so if you search for it using DIR:

    DIR /AH /S Any*.dll

    About not finding it in the registry: sorry, I'm having a hard time believing you. The log file doesn't lie and you probably saw the entry yourself.

    You should find it at

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\windows\AppInit_DLLs


    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\windows\AppInit_DLLs
  16. gabrielefx

    gabrielefx Member


    I wrote this string in regedit AnyDiscHelp.dll and not anydischelp.dll like i did in the first attempt

    I found the string, rebooted, authorized, crossed the fingers, checked again your log record...there was not anymore AnyDiscHelp.dll

    I said...incredible but give an end word to this story.

    I want to thank your support and I want to excuse me to have generated so much discussions about my installation through the forum and through the emails

    I think to be an honest person that's why I buy the softwares.

    If you want you can close this discussion

    Many thanks again.

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  17. RefCache

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    And you do have to love the "my family/neighbor/script kiddie that lives down the block" excuse.

    Which may be even true in gabrielefx's case. Who knows.

    But it's the standard line that seems to be used.
  18. whatever_gong82

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    It looks like Support gets these complaints about AnyDVD 'not working' a lot, don't they???

    Especially when it turns out not to be Slysoft's fault, but the people trying to use the software illegally.

  19. RefCache

    RefCache Well-Known Member

    That was the implication, yes.