Is there a tutorial for Virtual Clone Drive?

Discussion in 'Virtual CloneDrive' started by CountryBumkin, Jan 4, 2009.

  1. CountryBumkin

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    I hate to ask such a basic question, but I can figure out how to use Virtual Clone Drive. Is there a tutorial somewhere?

    I just ripped my first Blu-Ray disk to a folder on my hard drive. I'm using AnyDVD HD 6.5.07. Now I want to watch the movie (iso) using Total Media Theater (latest version). I can see the movie ISO folder and the Virtual Clone Drive in Windows Vista explorer.

    If I click on the Virtual Drive, a pop up window says "insert disk". What does this mean, how can I insert a disk? I tried to drag the movie to the virtual drive but that is not allowed.
    So, how do I mount the drive?
    Eventually I plan to have several Blu-Ray ISO movies on my hard drive. How do I make it automatically play the movie I want?

    Sorry, for such a basic question.:bowdown:
  2. bluemeanietsi

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    Right click your ISO file, change the association with (program that opens it) to Virtual Clone Drive. Check that "always open with" is checked. Now when you double click the ISO it will automatically mount to your drive. From there you should be able to open the drive with TMT (or it will play it automaticallly)
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    It is working now thanks to your help.
  4. James

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    Even better, there is a manual. It is in your start menu. (Programs->Elaborate Bytes->Virtual CloneDrive->Manual)
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    is there a way to quickly unmount? do you just double click it again?
  7. Tom

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    use the right mouse key to unload an image