.iso Fragmentation a concern?

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    Howdy, I'm new to the forum but a long time user of AnyDVD :) it has always worked flawlessly for me for DVD's.

    Just a question tho, I've started copying Blu-Ray movies and I'm using the "Rip to Image..." option to burn them to 50gb BD-R disc for 1:1 perfect copies.

    however I have noticed that because of the filesize of the .iso that is created by AnyDVD (anywhere from 20gb to close to 50gb) depending on the size of the original disc and the state of my hard drive, these .iso files can become quite fragmented.

    I was wondering if a fragmented .iso file could potentially cause issue's either during the burning process or once the data is on the disc, I've currently got an .iso image that is 46gb and according to my defrag software it has 45 fragments in it.

    Could it result in lower image quality or other problems such as the movie freezing or pausing or am I just being paranoid and it does not matter whether its fragmented or not?

    I assume that once the data from an .iso is written to disc the files are not fragmented on the disc itself, it is only because the .iso is fighting for space with other files on my hard drive that it is fragmented there.

    thanks for any info in advance :)
    - a concerned perfectionist :p
  2. Ch3vr0n

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    Ur just being paranoid mate. Fragmentation has no effect on video/audio quality. The only thing that has a possibility of being noticeable (and even that chance is slim), is the occasional stutter of the needle of the HDD jumping to the next section. But giving the RPM of a harddrive, a blu-ray that gets "pre-loaded" this chancei s pretty much none-existant.