MacGruber Blu-Ray won't backup

Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by wlrc, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. wlrc

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    I tried to backup MacGruber (Universal) unrated edition Blu-ray from G to H drive, from H to G drive and from H to H drive. In all cases the backup (Using Nero StartSmart 9) hung and nothing was copied though the backup disk became unusable. This using both AnyDVD and (beta). Both logfiles are attached.

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  2. Adbear

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    And what happens if you try ripping using AnyDVD HD's built in ripper? There's never any copy protection reason why you can't copy a Blu-ray disc as they don't contain structural protection. AnyDVD HD is there to remove the AACS, BD+ and the Sony java protections so you can make backups, etc
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  3. RBBrittain

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    +1. I seriously doubt any component or variant of Nero 9 supports BDs, except perhaps for playback; can't test StartSmart specifically as that component was removed in Nero 11 HD. More than likely Nero 9's failure was caused by lack of BD support in Nero itself, especially StartSmart (which was limited to rudimentary actions).

    For full-disc BD rips & burns (i.e., no need for ClownBD or BDRB), it's best to limit yourself to the AnyDVD HD ripper (right-click the fox for options) and either CloneCD or ImgBurn, unless you know something else will work on BDs (not DVDs). If rips in the AnyDVD ripper fail, review this sticky for further instructions, which will usually verify it's a bad disc, drive and/or drive cable.
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    I have used Nero 9 in combination with AnyDVD for several years to backup DVDs and BDs to blank recordable media (DVD+R DL or BD 50GB) with no problems, except the rare copy protection not yet implemented in AnyDVD. A new beta version has always fixed that. I didn't even realize AnyDVD had its own ripping feature. I'll try that.
  5. wlrc

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    Apparently AnyDVD will only rip to an image or to a hard disk. I want to rip directly to a BD blank. Which is what Nero 9 lets me do.
  6. Frank

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    Rip first, then burn

    It may be as simply as Nero not able to work with AnyDVD on-the-fly.

    Rip that content to the hard drive and then use your Nero to burn from that hard-drive directory, not the disc.

    Is there a reason why you want to use 50GB blanks?

    To fit to a 25GB blank, see this Forum discussion:
    With compression:
    - Use AnyDVD HD ("rip video...." or "rip to image..." ISO image) right click menu on the tray icon

    - Use the free BD Rebuilder tool
    to compress down to approximately 23.3 gb on a BD-R single layer)

    - Imgburn
  7. Adbear

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    Nothing wrong with using Nero 9 for copying and writing Blu-ray discs, been able to use it for standard copying and writing of discs since version 7 I think, I just don't use it myself as it used to have issues when making disc to disc copies of Blu-rays if the disc used all the space
  8. Adbear

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    You do realize that unless you have 2 drives, then Nero rips to the harddrive first anyway then burns that back to the disc, and if you're doing a direct disc to disc using 2 drives then you run the risk of write failure when you hit a read error on the original and then waste a disc
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    I use 2 drives for speed and efficiency. Read errors are rare, but I do have a few coasters :).

    To answer an earlier post I use 50 GB most of the time because that is the size of the original discs. I will look into the link for fitting on 25 GB but I don't want to do any further compression.
  10. Ch3vr0n

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    if you don't want to do compression then you have 2 options at most. 1 no compression period and keep using double layer blanks, or 2 do movie only backups (main movie only, no menu's no extras) if you're lucky. I've seen discs where the main title alone exceeds 25.5GB (max size for a single layer disc)

    Take a look at BD-Rebuilder, it has the power to shrink entire discs to single layer blu-ray disc size (even single layer DVD's) at virtually NO quality loss. I've shrunk over 150+ blu-rays with it and the picture is perfect EVERY TIME. You can't tell the difference