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    Is anyone aware of a combo unit that will copy VHS protected tapes to DVD? I OWN many old tapes that I want to preserve onto DVD - and most combo recorders can't get past the VHS tape (Macrovision?) copy protection. I'm not doing anything illegal - I purchased ALL of these VHS tapes want to make a copy for myself.:mad:
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    This will not land you in jail... it sounds like what you want to do is make a single personal copy of each video to DVD... this is NOT illegal. A single personal back-up copy is covered in the fair use rules. Just don't make several copies or try to distribute/exhibit them, and you don't need to worry about the law. Making a back up copy of media is NOT pirating, and the courts have recognized this. You will need a DVD Recorder, and, Grex video stabilizer to transfer your VHS media to DVD.For real – I have never seen a quicker or easier method .
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    I put it through the normal tests and it is really easy to use!
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    I'm pretty sure the hauppage TV cards will do the same thing and you can then edit the footage if you need to and record it on your PC DVD writer without having to also pay out for a separate DVD recorder
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    Yes. It is universal.
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    I've been successfully using Grex in Canada and in UK.
    First of all Grex supports not only NTSC (video signal standard used
    in USA, Canada and north America) but as well PAL (used in Europe, UK,
    Second, they provide power supply for Grex according to your
    destination. Take a look here: