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    I'm not a "power user" (forewarned...), but I bought a new laptop, and while my long standing Any DVD has allowed me to make DVD back up copies on a hard drive up to now, I'm getting this region problem.

    AnyDVD tells me to flash the drive, as if... but in any event, the rp1 forum it directs me to indicates that this drive, Matshita BD MLT UJ240AFW in my new Asus N55S is not supported by the patch.

    On some DVDs, it works fine, but others give the warning. Could you direct me somewhere I can read about what do, and what might work?

    Thanks, Ira
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    That's the problem with MatSHITa drives, unlike most dvd drives that have the region code in the firmware (software) matshita drives are HARDWARE CODED with a region. They give anydvd a hard time decrypting (if it will at all) because it will tell AnyDVD the region of the drive regardless of what you select. The only solution is to 1) decrypt the disc on another computer or 2) swap the drive for a non-matshita one
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    Anyway, I know now that it's hopeless trying. Stupid. That really annoys me. I suppose I could buy an external drive for ripping purposes, and then run that through a usb connection, but what a pain in the...

    Any suggestions on a good, cheap external?
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    ya can't go wrong with LG. There's a reason i use 3 of em :)