Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray)' started by james007, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. james007

    james007 New Member

    I am from Southern California, picked up the movie yesterday and when AnyDVD HD scanned the disc I got the ERROR processing Blu-Ray disc. I have attached the log file.

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  2. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    From your logfile
  3. James

    James SlySoft Development Team Staff Member

    Buy AnyDVD HD. It will work. Guaranteed.
  4. ron spencer

    ron spencer Well-Known Member

    isn't release date April 17??
  5. whatever_gong82

    whatever_gong82 Well-Known Member

    Yes it is in the U.S.

    Some people might get an advance copy of it though.
  6. endel3

    endel3 Member


    No joy on the non-bluray version, finally got it to scan, but could not produce a valid duplicate NOR a clonemobile version...Any recomendations?
  7. PrincipalityFusion

    PrincipalityFusion Well-Known Member

    Get the Bluray version or wait just a little bit for Sly to figure the issue out.
  8. CopyC@t

    CopyC@t Member

    I just got the BR today, no problems so far, MPLS is 00800
  9. Safrole Jay

    Safrole Jay Member

    It would not rip for me. Logfile is attached.

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  10. Safrole Jay

    Safrole Jay Member

    To be fair it also fails with "keep protection" checked, so unless there are some purposefully erroneous sectors on the Bluray I cannot discount the possibility that this is my drive's first read error, or even a bad disc. (though brand new) I have not put the disc in my PS3 yet, so there are still some other possibilities to explore.
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  11. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    If you are getting read errors on a Blu-ray then it's either a dirty/faulty disc or a failing drive
  12. CopyC@t

    CopyC@t Member

    When I ripped it as both ISO and standard extraction i just ripped it like normal with out the encryption box checked no errors, movie came out flawless.
  13. stereo55

    stereo55 Member

    I too ripped the movie and burned it to an ISO image with no problems .
  14. jwjohnson

    jwjohnson Well-Known Member

    It worked fine for me and that was a couple of versions ago. I rip the whole disk to my hard drive which worked fine. I use the "Open Disc Folder" option in TMT 5 to play which also works fine. I also made a 1280x720 mp4 version from the ripped folder to play on my iPad. No problems whatsoever.
  15. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    You need to read the sticky 'How to ask for help, BEFORE you post' and post up all requested information, once you've done that then maybe someone will see what may be causing the issue as this film was dealt with a while ago. I've looked over at the DVDfab site and the only reference to this film that I could find was a fix for the DVD version not the Blu-ray.
    Also you don't say in what way it's failing, if it's a read error then that's not copy protection as Blu-ray discs don't contain structural copy protection like DVD's which means if you get a read error it's always a faulty/dirty disc or failing drive
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  16. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    Like I said if it's a read error then it's nothing to do with AnyDVD, but as you don't want to say what the actual problem is then no one can say if they have the same problem or not.
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  17. simon1

    simon1 New Member

    i backup Mission Impossible Ghost OK