MKV vs TS vs M2TS (for Blu-ray / HD-DVD rips)

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    I've have little luck in finding a good discusion on the relative merits of the different container formats for Blu-ray / HD-DVD rips for playback with standard Filters (eg FFDSHOW / Haali splitter) or streamed to UPnP/DLNA boxs. From what I've read:

    - MKV: smallest in size but has a CPU overhead as the file needs to be parsed. Will now accept all the needed Video / Audio streams & codecs. Also supports Chapters but Blu-ray / HD-DVD SUP subtitles need to be convert to SUB/IDX.

    - TS/M2TS: Slightly larger in size but lower CPU overhead as they do not need to be parsed. Will accept all the needed Video / Audio streams & codecs. Does not support Chapters and subtitles are an issue (you have to have them converted to as a seperate SUB/IDX file as if you there are no Filters to split and display the embedded SUP subtitles.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong!

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    Just a comment:

    All the source Blu-ray disks that I back-up associated with M2TS file(s) do have subtitles in the back-up.

    If I go from a source Blu-ray disk to a ripped MKV format, and then build a homemade compliant Blu-ray structure then there are no subtitles.

    Over 90% of the time associated with Blu-ray I will stay with M2TS files since there are quite a few software programs that work well with loading M2TS files.

    I have only converted TS files to M2TS files to build a compliant Blu-ray structure.
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