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Discussion in 'High Definition Software' started by mike_r, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. mata7

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    can clonebd output to mkv?
  2. Nogss

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    Not that I've seen from using it, though I'm still struggling with some of the concepts.
  3. Adbear

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    I assume you mean Clown BD, and no it doesn't
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    Ok, I'll ask a simpler question than my last :)

    I was trying to find out how to get subtitles to work on the WD HD Live.

    I assumed by checking 'Forced Subtitles' that it would _force_ them to display on the video, but I also realize (now) that it would mean it would have to re-encode the entire movie which of course is bad.

    After checking parts of this LONG thread I found this from Mike R:

    "...Blu-Ray - they are embedded in the regular subtitles and only known after eac3to has run. you can see this in eac3to_pass3.log. if they exists BDSup2Sub is run to extract the forced out, and are stored in the format xxx_FORCED.SUP..."

    So basically, if I understand, this is mostly to help in movies like The Godfather, District 9, etc. where even in English, they have some scenes that have subtitles...?

    So for example if I don't see any .sup files with _FORCED in the name, then there are none?

    For example, I turned it on hoping to see subtitles in the movie I am testing things with and instead I had four files:


    So my next question, and this might be due to my device as it doesn't recognize the bundled subs inside the files (tried .iso, .m2ts, and .mkv) is what do I need to do to get these to try and show up?

    I read that some people place an .srt with their device and name it the same as the movie (so I guess I need a tool to concatenate these and convert them to .srt)

    Or I read .sub/.idx I think it is works with some devices so I'll look for a tool to do the same and put them alongside the movie.

    Any help is appreciated as more stumbling about to come :)
  5. mike_r

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    I believe that the WD HD TV (and LIVE) versions can't play full Blu-Ray structures. Features like HD audio output are limited, menus don't show and PGS subtitles don't work.

    You're right about converting the PGS subtitles to text only (SRT), but this particular thread is not the right place to discuss that (off topic). DaveO88 seems to have a good insite into how this works, so maybe you should contact him.
  6. Nogss

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    Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I was hoping to sneak in a slightly off-topic question :agree:

    (and for other WD TV Live owners, yes...embedded subs don't work, need to use external .srt or .sub/.idx though I've not done it yet, but everything I've read says so :p)

    Maybe someone can answer one a bit more on-topic.

    I was ripping a copy of No Country for Old Men that I own and noticed that although usually ClownBD will select the correct track for just the main movie, the main audio track (i.e. DTS-HD MA or TrueHD if it exists, etc.) and I don't have to worry about anything.

    But for this movie, there seems to be two 'main' tracks for audio I guess?

    Uncompressed 5.1 (LPCM or PCM, forgot how it listed it)
    Dolby 5.1 (AC3 I think)

    And both were selected. Checking the back of the BD box, it also listed both.

    So how does either the BD player know which to play or the WD TV Live?

    I'm assuming basically if it is capable of playing it or able to pass it through, it chooses the 'highest' one?

    Or should I have only selected one when using ClownBD?

  7. mike_r

    mike_r Moderator (de)

    I don't suppose it matters. If it works, it works. The DTS track probably takes up 1.5gb and the LPCM ca. 4. My choice would be to choose the version best suited for your equipment, and save some hard drive space.
  8. Nogss

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    Ahhh ok thanks. I wasn't sure, and since I'm ripping to .iso and am still naive/ignorant about this, I thought keeping both would be more future-proof since I don't know what my next streaming device will be, especially since the WD TV Live is awesome for the price, but still isn't 'full' featured.

    And yeah, the average movie-only BD rip is taking up about 25gb without any encoding so it will add up but for now, I'll stick with it.

    I think I was more intellectually curious in general how either a streaming device or a BD player decides which to use, i.e. does it use the first in ordered 'tracks' and if it can't play it, it tries the next...or does it somehow check all available audio tracks and then use the best one it can play.

    I realize every device is different but I'm just curious if anyone has insight (although I guess this gets back to off-topic again, eh? :p)
  9. mike_r

    mike_r Moderator (de)

    You can always rip from the original disk again.
  10. dichtomat

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    If you have no subs with _FORCED in the name, you can still have an extra subtitle track with the forced subs. The german version of Crossing Over is such a case.

    This is the same problem you still have with DVDs. Is there an track containing only forced subs which aren't marked as forced? Are the subs mixed with others in one track and marked as forced? Afaik the subs and audio language are set in the menu of the Disc. So when you rip the main Movie you loose this information and have to search for yourself.

    Like I asked in my previous post Link, I can't find a solution how to set the prefered subtitle track in the BluRay structure. The player (e.g PowerDVD) always plays the 1st track (audio and subs). I set german in ClownBD in the Stream Options. So when eac3to has found some forced subs everything is ok. The subs will be added as 1st track and everything works. But if you have a small subtilte track with only the forced subs in it, this track will be number 2 or 3 and you have to select the track each time you play the movie. I don't know if this is a authoring error on the Crossing Over disc or if this a general problem. But it would be nice to be able to set the right track manually.

    This problem also exists in CloneDVD with DVDs. First track is always english, so you have to select the 2nd track in the player to get the german one. For DVDs you can set the tracks with the pre command in ifoedit (see guide here, read below "The IFOEdit Method").

    To make things short: It would be nice to be able to set the default tracks (audio+subs) in ClownBD, CloneBD (after release) and CloneDVD. An automatic detection would be nic, but I don't thinks this is possible.
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  11. mike_r

    mike_r Moderator (de)

    If you know it's the 2nd or 3rd subtitle track then use the up arrow on the left hand side and make sure it's the 1st on the list. Now tick the force subtitles box in the options and you're done.

    Recently I read that someone had automated something similiar on another piece of software by basically deciding by the size of the file. ie if all the subtitles have a size of ca 15mb and there is one single .sub file only 500kb, then force this. I doubt I'll ever get around to doing something like this though.
  12. dichtomat

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    Thx Mike. I moved the track and it works. But I think PowerDVD 7.3 ignores the settings. If I play a movie, disable all subs, then change the iso and play another movie -> all subs are still of. I have set always show subs in ClownBD. If I set the 1st sub track in PowerDVD, it always shows the first. It doesn't matter which movie I play, PowerDVD always remembers the last setting. Has someone tested this with another player? I don't have another player for BluRays.
  13. jeezy123

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    Hi Mike R -

    I was using Ripbot 264 to encode my BDs to MKV format and wanted to keep the original chapters on the MKV since they support them. I noticed that during the encoding process, RipBot uses the chapter marks from the original BD when it does its re-encoding, therefore with its 250 keyframe intervals you can miss the original chapters by up to 10 seconds (can't find a keyframe on playback).

    Does Clown_BD keep the original chapter markers? Will they be lost if I use Clown_BD then encode to MKV?
  14. mike_r

    mike_r Moderator (de)

    Yes, if you choose 'Blu-Ray Structure'

    I've no idea, I've never encoded an MKV. You have to try it, but I suspect you'll have the same problem as before. Don't recode, best way.
  15. Nogss

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    This is going to sound noobyish (because it is), but I notice that Clown DB extracts the chapter information because I see the resulting text file...

    Does this mean that by default, if you are producing a movie-only .ISO is also incorporates that chapter information somewhere?

    I ask because when I check the file structure of the resultant .ISO (mounted in Virtual CloneDrive), I don't see it anywhere.

    So I assume it is merged into the main stream? Also, BDInfo and MediaInfo don't show anything about chapters so I can't tell if it is there.

    The main reason I'm asking is because due to certain streamer limitations, I'm archiving on my NAS the resultant movie-only .ISO from ClownBD which works great, but going to use MakeMKV on the movie-only .ISO (instead of original BD) to produce a mkv for subtitle and chapter support as my device can't provide that for .ISO :(

    Thanks in advance as always...
  16. Nogss

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    Ha, I basically asked the same question and didn't see yours. My bad.

    As I mentioned in mine, I clearly see the Chapters.txt output from eac2...whatever that program is.

    Just not sure where it is in the resultant movie-only .ISO so I assume it gets muxed (is that the right word?) back in.

    Note: From testing converting an .ISO from ClownBD to MKV via MakeMKV, it _seems_ the chapter info is indeed there however since I didn't title the chapters, I can't tell if these are typical 5 minute default chapters or the original info.
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  17. Adbear

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    That would be easy to tell. Check the time code of some of the chapters on the original disc against the chapter points on your final mkv. If they match then it copies them across, if they don't then it doesn't
  18. jeezy123

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    I found the solution....

    If you use Ripbot to encode with chapters to MKV, it actually does retain the correct chapter information. It is VLC that doesn't play them back correctly.
  19. godu

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    My OS is Windows 7 - 64 Bit - which Java Version should I install? Should I use the 64 or 32 Bit Version? Because recommended to install both versions when I use the IE with 32 and 64 Bit.

    Is there a recommendation for Clown_BD?

  20. Adbear

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    I install both