Movie Only Copies: eac3to, tsMuxer & ImgBurn Made Easy

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    It has to do with ea3to. This is really a problem with dolby atmos. Ive researched online an did notice a new release of ea3to that supports truehd ac3 core separation fix. You can simply try a newer version of ea3to. I never get errors with blurays but use a different interface. I do things the old way. Using a gui for the last steps but pulling the movie using tsmuxer. I got a ton of youtube videos teaching you guys how to use these tools in third party forums. cant miss the thread......later
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    I ran into an abnormal log with Clown_BD when I made a backup recently. I forget what movie it was but Atmos audio was present. Nonetheless, ea3to had some issues with the extra channel data but things completed without dying. With the release of eac3to 3.28 and now eac3to 3.29 the the extra channel data can be processed. I simply replaced the existing version of eac3to (3.27) that came with Clown_BD with the updated release.
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    Hey Guys

    Long time no visit. Is Clown dead? What is the best replacement?


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    It still works and nothing is broken. Just be sure to keep components updated (ie eac3to).
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    Thanks, Will it still prompt if other components need updating.