Movie Only Copies: eac3to, tsMuxer & ImgBurn Made Easy

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    1. if your resolution is smaller than 1024x768 then you're going to have problems for sure.

    2. i guess they did, otherwise you couldn't have done step #3

    3. it's a user interface. the underlying programs are only joined together, if you need a more complex solution then you'll have to use the individual programs one by one.
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    ok, that's a bug. no time to fix it now, but here is the workaround...

    MUXOPT --no-pcr-on-video-pid --new-audio-pes --blu-ray --vbr --custom-chapters=00:00:00.000;00:07:01.921;00:12:58.236;00:20:58.591;00:26:25.834;00:32:11.513;00:37:30.373;00:42:04.689;00:45:22.136;00:51:52.901;00:56:23.839;01:00:58.780;01:04:00.211;01:09:42.637;01:13:32.033;01:20:23.777;01:27:10.684;01:33:24.557;01:39:26.460;01:42:22.053;01:49:52.795 --vbv-len=500
    V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC, "D:\DEMUX\Wanted\Video_2.h264", insertSEI, contSPS
    A_DTS, "D:\DEMUX\Wanted\Audio_9_German.DTS", lang=ger
    S_HDMV/PGS, "D:\DEMUX\Wanted\Subtitles_17_German.sup", lang=ger
    use this in place of your .meta, run the tsmuxer.bat and you're done.
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    thanks for your reply, i`m gonna add the complete logfiles

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    version v0.06b is out, fixes DTS that simply didn't work. i don't use it, don't have surcode so can't even test it.

    @fast eddie.

    thanks for putting so much effort into reviewing the program. as you'll read from the 1st thread it's only a stop-gap for fun until Slysoft release a real CloneHD type program, so most of your 'wishes' won't be forfilled.

    the underlying programs can do some of the stuff you ask for (like trimming minutes and allowing other audio streams). Clown_BD doesn't do any complex stuff, just the simple straight through process. If it doesn't suit, there is no obligation to use.

    to specific questions:

    7. I know, and I want to change this, but it's only a hobby project. I'd rather get a result out into the public (to help me test) quickly, rather than going for a full blown user friendly interface.

    8. it is required, as eac3to does not write to a log until the end. this means I have no way to ask in the program (and you have no way to know as a user) if it's working. but I'll look into an idea I just had when typing this text.

    9. the zip file contained the changelog, then i discovered a way to add it into the exe.

    10. ineed this as my PC is in a different room, I set it to rip and leave - it was annoying to have to come back every 20 mins to find out it had not worked so far.
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    @fast eddie

    i don`t see it like this, i own a Pana BD30 and had a lot of trouble to get it work with movies which had the VC1 Codec. the only way was demux the files on harddrive first and then remux it with tsMuxer, any other way (working with the streams directly from the disc/iso) ended with the result that the playback was jerky.


    thanks, i`ll test it ;)
  6. jfcarbel

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    I noticed the output audio had choices for AC3 and DTS, does this mean that it downconverts to these and at what bitrates, etc?

    Would there be a way to just keep the original HD audio, sort of like a passthrough option?
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    Firstly, thank you for the nice application, it seems to have a lot of prospects to replace EAC3TO and More GUI.

    A small feature request:-

    Regarding demuxing the DTS track, it currently extracts the full-HD track, would it be possible to add a checkbox so it can extract the standard DTS core instead (the -core option in EAC3TO). The same would also be useful for extracting the AC3 core from a TrueHD stream.

    Being as I use .TS for the output, not .MKV as EAC3TO muxes, the TSMuxer automation at the end is much appreciated here.


  8. ron spencer

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    can you choose bitrate for ac3?
  9. Dann

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    Here's something interesting

    My virus software, ThreatFire has quarantined Clown06b claiming that a link on the page contained a link to a trojan, Trojan.Agent.EPAO. I clicked on the link to e3cto and that triggered ThreatFire.

    For me, the batch file version has worked quite well so I'm not too concerned to lose it, and out of an abundance of caution, I'm leaving it quarantined, but for the next version, you might want to validate those links.
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    Version 6 works great

    Every version has worked for me except version 5, which would never finish. I always create a blu ray structure so that I can burn to a disc, and version 5 would not do that. With version 6, I wanted to try the DTS audio choice so I ran Ice Age: The Meltdown and it worked beautifully. The disc played on my computer with PDVD and on my PS3. I hope that soon we'll be able to handle TrueHD audio. Then I'll be happy waiting for CloneBD to arrive.:)

    Thanks for all your work on this.:clap:
  11. tomcam

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    tested it today with "wanted" and works like a charm with dts ... :clap::D
  12. mike_r

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    This will never happen, as eac3to is the underlying program. Clown_BD is only a user interface.

    I've done your request. The extraction of AC3 from TrueHD happens in every case.

    Please see v0.07b
  13. mike_r

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    you might want to change your virus software.
  14. mike_r

    mike_r Moderator (de)

    yes, see v0.07b
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    Sorry, this may seem sorta dumb but....
    Does this work like BDRebuilder? Will it downsample the Blu-Ray to fit on a Single Layer BD(BD25). Does it allow you to keep the menu's and such, or is strictly for doing the movie? Thanks!
  17. muad'dib

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    Feature Request for TrueHD to PCM

    Fist Off, AWESOME program..8)

    Could you add a feature to convert TrueHD tracks to multi-channel LPCM? using Pcm2Tsmu after to allow PCM track in tsmuxer.

    Since Tsmuxer can't handle true hd tracks correctly..

  18. mike_r

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    no it doesn't. it never will. however, you should be able to take the output and use BDrebuilder manually afterwards.
  19. mike_r

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    thanks for the feedback. i don't have any plans to add this.
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    Great Tool. Many Thanks :clap:

    Is it possible to add the option of keeping the HD audio tracks (THD / DTS-MA) as well as PCM for making a BD backup without converting audio to AC3 or DTS?