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    A lot of blurays are 24bit, but when eac3to check the streams it detects superflous 0's and a true bitrate of 16. So, you need to check the output of eac3to and not use constants. About 25% isn't 5.1 24bit 96KHz.
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    that is why I suggested he output wav instead of pcm then convert the wav to w64 before muxing. Then you do not need to check anything whatever eac3to makes will get muxed. No need of pcm2tsmu anymore.
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    That doesn't work if the file get's larger then 4GB. Besides that, there seems to be a difference in quality. The filesize is sometimes much larger when using pcm.

    There are not so many things you need to check in the output:
    4: TrueHD/AC3, English, 5.1 channels, 48khz. dialnorm: -27dB
    [a04]The processed audio track has a constant bit depth of 16 bits.

    There is one other version (very rare) with an average, max and min bitrate. There you should use the max bitrate.
    With the channels, 6.1 will be converted to 7.1 so that would be 8.

    It would be possible to add "name vbscript" "logfile" "pcmtsmu filename" "pcmtracknumber" to the batch, which would check the log for those lines and start pcmtsmu. Something like:
    strLogFile = Wscript.Arguments(0)
    strPcmTsMu = Wscript.Arguments(1)
    strTrackNumber = Wscript.Arguments(2)
    StrExtraZero = ""
    if Len(intTrackNumber) = 1 then StrExtraZero = 0
    Set objReadFile = objFSO.OpenTextFile(strLogFile, 1)
    Do While Not objTextStream.AtEndOfStream 
         	currentLine = objTextStream.ReadLine 
         	If Left(currentLine, 2 + len(strTrackNumber)) = strTrackNumber & ": " Then
    	End If
    	If Left(currentLine, 2 + len(strTrackNumber)) = "[a" & strExtraZero & strTrackNumber & "] The processed audio track has a constant bit depth of" Then
    	End If
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    it does work if the file is over 4gb just that tsmuxer cant mux it correctly. I have been using this method for over a year and never had a problem. eac3to does a lossless conversion from all formats to wav pcm w64. For the most part it is only the header in the file changes. (For wav to w64)
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    So I played around with this a little more and thought I would post my results. I used ClownBD to rip Sin City movie from the BD disc with the DTS-MA track retained, and I was also having problems getting audio to play back just like I had with the rip of an episode of True Blood (within the VMC version of TMT3).

    While the movie was "playing" I went into the setup screen of TMT3 and changed the HA to off and also the Sound setting to SPDIF-passthrough (was previously on HDMI-passthrough). Now the movie plays back fine, with audio, but the audio is the regular DTS track. I went back into the Setup screen again, and switched back to HDMI-passthrough, and the audio track switched to the DTS-MA track!

    So after some testing, if I have the HDMI-passthrough option set in TMT3 I have playback problems when I start up the movie. If I have the SPDIF-passthrough option set then the movie plays back fine on start up, but with the non-HD audio track. If at some point after I start the movie I switch the TMT3 option between SPDIF-passthrough and HDMI-passthrough then I get perfect playback with HD audio.

    As I mentioned before, I am new to the ClownBD software, and have previously just been using AnyDVDHD to rip my BD discs to ISO with protection enabled. I have always had the TMT3 setting to HDMI-passthrough, and I have never had a playback issue. I really don't know where to even begin with what could be causing the problem, but I would be willing to investigate if anyone else cares.
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    True -HD

    I'm trying to convert a number of my HD-DVD's to Blu-ray, and the conversion seems to be okay, but when I play back the converted video on my PC or my TVIX the true-HD track doesn't work.
    I've tried various HD-DVD's without success.
    Should I just convert to AC3 instead? I was hoping not to do that.
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    You should convert to lpcm as this is lossless if you go to ac3 it will be a lot lower quality.

  8. hami5h

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    Okay, cheers
    I'll give that a go.
  9. sWORDs

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    Very interesting, that would mean that it would be as simple as demux to wav and then convert wav to w64 and AC3 for both DTS-MA and TrueHD.

    The AC3 file for THD could be created at the same time as the wav but it's just as fast doing it the same as with DTS-MA (with the w64).

    I'll try it on 10 Bluray's.

    edit: Not sure if I can create W64 and AC3 from WAV in a single run. Anyone tried that already?
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    I am unsure of the w64 and ac3 from the same run . I would say not eac3to will most likely give an error about 2 conversions.

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    Please stay on topic guys...

    WildChild22 & sWORDs - You've got PM.
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    LPCM bad frame detected. Resync stream

    I am having a problem trying to create an ISO with ClownBD v.62. When it gets to tsMuxeR, it scrolls quickly with two lines repeated every second:

    "Decoding LPCM stream <track 3>: Bitrate: 6912Kbps Sample Rate: 48KHz Channels: 5.1 Bits per sample: 24 bit"
    "LPCM bad frame detected. Resync stream. "

    It keeps looping over this same messege and never stops. I've included screenshots of all the options I selected. Anyone know why this error. The bluray is "Blue Man Group: How to be a Megastar Live!". I have the original...


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  13. mike_r

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    i sent you a PM with a link to a new beta version. please try this.

    possibly W64 is buggy. the new version 1st converts to WAV and then to W64 as recommended over on the eac3to forum
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  14. wildchild22

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    okay LPCM and ac3 are working.

    Dts is not

    for the dts to work you need to run the dts file created with clownbd back through eac3to to make it work.

    need one additional step

    the batch file from what clownbd makes unchanged is
    REM *** Call eac3to (Stream_3_English_.WAV_to_.DTS_Conversion) ***
    "C:\Users\wildchild22\Downloads\Clown_BD_v0.62(5)\eac3to\eac3to.exe" "G:\demux\Audio_3_English.WAV" "G:\demux\Audio_3_English.DTS" -LOG="G:\demux\eac3to_(Stream_3_English_.WAV_to_.DTS_Conversion)_LOG.LOG"

    to make it work it needs to be

    REM *** Call eac3to (Stream_3_English_.WAV_to_.DTS_PADDED_Conversion) ***
    "C:\Users\wildchild22\Downloads\Clown_BD_v0.62(5)\eac3to\eac3to.exe" "G:\demux\Audio_3_English.WAV" "G:\demux\Audio_3_English_PADDED.DTS" -LOG="G:\demux\eac3to_(Stream_3_English_.PCM_to_.DTS_PADDED_Conversion)_LOG.LOG"

    REM *** Call eac3to (Stream_3_English_.WAV_to_.DTS_Conversion) ***
    "C:\Users\wildchild22\Downloads\Clown_BD_v0.62(5)\eac3to\eac3to.exe" "G:\demux\Audio_3_English_PADDED.DTS" "G:\demux\Audio_3_English.DTS" -LOG="G:\demux\eac3to_(Stream_3_English_.DTS_PADDED_to_.DTS_Conversion)_LOG.LOG"
  15. wildchild22

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    I have attached a batch file I created that will fix clownbd 100%
    (you need to rename the .txt to .bat


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  16. sWORDs

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    It's not eac3to that gives an error with two conversion, it's the Arcsoft DTS decoder. That's why you need to change that line above here aswell and why it only applies for DTS.
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  17. mike_r

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    It'll be tommorrow now before I get to add the 'padded' DTS step.
  18. sWORDs

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    I'll wait for that version, I've got 25 BD's ready for conversion, so it's a nice test.
  19. juanjg115

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    Thank you... I was able to rip successfuly with this beta version. Is there any consequence to ripping to WAV first as far as quality is concerned?

  20. wildchild22

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    no it is lossless to wav!!!

    and then its lossless to w64.

    It only get converted to w64 so tsmuxer can correctly mux the audio in.