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    Do you mean before ?


    please read your PM
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    yes I meant before

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    I have checked my pm I will post back very shortly!

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    I have one suggestion if possible could you let eac3to only extract convert to pcm in the first step then let eac3to make the dts and ac3 file from the pcm . As sometimes the delays cant be fixed if going directly to ac3. Sometimes the embedded ac3 is only 448 instead of 640 and maybe the dts core is 768 instead of 1500. But going directly from the pcm conversion will give the best output in dts and ac3

    here is the log from atruehd that cant have the delay fixed for ac3

    eac3to v3.16
    command line: personal info 2) 2: "H:\demux\Video_2.*" 3: "H:\demux\Audio_3_English.PCM" 3: "H:\demux\Audio_3_English.AC3" -LOG="H:\demux\eac3to_PASS3_LOG.LOG"
    M2TS, 1 video track, 2 audio tracks, 1 subtitle track, 0:55:51, 24p /1.001
    1: Chapters, 7 chapters
    2: h264/AVC, 1080p24 /1.001 (16:9)
    3: TrueHD/AC3, English, 5.1 channels, 48khz, 667ms
    (embedded: AC3, 5.1 channels, 448kbps, 48khz)
    4: TrueHD/AC3, Spanish, 5.1 channels, 48khz, 667ms
    (embedded: AC3, 5.1 channels, 448kbps, 48khz, dialnorm: -27dB)
    5: Subtitle (PGS), English
    [a03] Extracting audio track number 3...
    [a03] Extracting AC3 stream...
    [a03] Applying (E-)AC3 delay...
    [a03] Extracting audio track number 3...
    [v02] Extracting video track number 2...
    [a03] A remaining delay of -5ms could not be fixed.
    [a03] Extracting TrueHD stream...
    [a03] Decoding with libav/ffmpeg...
    [a03] Applying RAW/PCM delay...
    [a03] Swapping endian...
    [a03] Remapping channels...
    [a03] Creating file "H:\demux\Audio_3_English.PCM"...
    [v02] Creating file "H:\demux\Video_2.h264"...
    [a03] Creating file "H:\demux\Audio_3_English.AC3"...
    [a03] The original audio track has a constant bit depth of 24 bits.
    Video track 2 contains 80352 frames.
    eac3to processing took 16 minutes, 8 seconds.
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    here is another error from the pm

    eac3to v3.16
    command line: " "H:\demux\Audio_3_English.PCM" "H:\demux\Audio_3_English.DTS" "" -LOG="H:\demux\eac3to_NMT_0_LOG.LOG"
    Destination file name is missing for track number 0. <ERROR>

    the problem is the 2 extra "" before the log
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    I'm know how to use PCMTSMU and eac3to (converted 120 BD's from commandline), and I already use the batch mode, and I love it.

    However, it's possible to run PCMTSMU with the parameters from the output of eac3to. I you don't understand what I mean I could write a sample vbscript.
  7. wildchild22

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    The problem is a bug in eac3to outputting w64 files. All you have to do is what the author has stated and you will have no problem with seamless branching blurays.


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    So I did finally get .TS and .M2TS files to playback natively in VMC. Since you're on to 7MC I don't know if your interested in this at all, but let me know if you are.

    Now that I've had a chance to play with Clown BD for a little bit I have some other questions. First of all I have the Asus Xonar HDAV and I am ripping the episodes from the True Blood Blu-Ray. I ripped an episode into .M2TS format and selected the DTS-MA track and chose to keep that audio track uncompressed. When I playback the track in VMC my receiver shows DTS. Is this to be expected? Is it possible to get the DTS-MA track passthrough when playing an .M2TS file?

    I also ripped the same episode with the same audio settings but to a Blu-Ray ISO instead. When I mount this ISO and playback the track in the standalone TMT3 player I now get the DTS-MA track on my receiver. However, if I use the VMC integrated version of TMT3 I get video and no audio output at all. Are there others that get the HD audio track passthrough to the receiver when using the VMC version of TMT3?
  9. SamuriHL

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    It's a bug in TMT3. Hopefully it'll get fixed at some point.
  10. jdubbs23

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    Is there something different about the ISO created from the single episode that is made by IMGburn? Because the regular disc ISO created from AnyDVD mounts and playsback in the VMC version of TMT3 with the HD audio tracks just fine.
  11. SamuriHL

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    So the original or a disc ISO works fine, but, the single episode doesn't? Hmmm, that's not good. That suggests a problem with the stream. That one I don't know how to help you on, but, if the original and/or disc ISO play then it's not TMT3. (I thought you might be bitstreaming which for me doesn't work in MC right now but that's a driver issue most likely)
  12. jdubbs23

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    Yes, I can bitstream the audio if I use the original disc (or a full ripped disc via AnyDVD-HD) in either standalone TMT3 or VMC TMT3 players. If I rip out a single episode using ClownBD, then I can bitstream in the standalone TMT3 player, but NOT in the VMC TMT3 player.

    On another note, is the reason I cannot bitstream via .M2TS because I am not using TMT3? Is the DTS track that I get the DTS core, or is it something like the DTS-MA track, but it just doesn't show up on my receiver as such?
  13. SamuriHL

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    Wait, you're trying to play the m2ts directly and expecting to get bitstreamed HD audio? You should really be creating an ISO BD structure of your single episode. Cause you're not bitstreaming HD audio even in stand alone TMT3 if you're playing the m2ts file'll output the core dts.
  14. jdubbs23

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    OK that is what I thought for the .M2TS file. I am getting the DTS core output to my receiver.

    However, I do have the issue I described above when using ISO BD structure as well.
  15. mike_r

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    v0.62 (2009-06-06) Sixty Second Public Release
    . Updated French language. Thanks pseudo555.
    . Removed PCM2TSMU as now eac3to can support .W64 output.
      *** UPDATE ***
      There is a small bug with eac3to & seamless branching creating W64 files. Workaround:
      Added IfUsePCM2TSMU in INI. Currently it will default to 1, to use PCM2TSMU. Set to 0 to use faster W64 method.
    . Skip "Step 2" if there is only 1 playlist.
    . Call BDSup2Sub to SPEEDUP or SLOWDOWN subtitles.
    . Added IfUseNMT in INI. Set to 1 to get LPCM
    [COLOR="Red"]  *** UPDATE ***
      Added IfUseNMT_AC3=1 IfUseNMT_DTS=1 in INI
      Will create AC3/DTS code (extra) for every LPCM made[/COLOR]
    . Added fix to generate movie name when user enters drive root as DEMUX location.
    [COLOR="Red"]. Don't show splash screen in BATCH mode when building .BAT file (looks crap as it flickers as it's updated so quickly)[/COLOR]
    I'm not bumping the version number, simply to reduce bandwidth. These changes don't affect the mainstream, and are just for wildchild22 and other NMT users.
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  16. mike_r

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    Probably not even the core. Just AC3.
  17. mike_r

    mike_r Moderator (de)

    it's now fixed, see above. download v0.62 again (not the test version I sent you)
  18. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Moderator (en)

    I really don't know. I don't use the 7MC plugin because it doesn't work with bitstreaming at all right now. We need ASUS to give us a driver update.
  19. wildchild22

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    Okay I have found a bug with the lpcm and pcm2tsmu when clownbd calls for it which causes clownbd to close and not finish.
    maybe before you run pcm2tsmu it should generate a lof file of the pcm track.

    example 1
    H:\demux\Audio_4_English.PCM" -i 48 -c 6 -s 66000
    should be
    -i 24 -c 6 -s 48000

    example 2

    H:\demux\Audio_4_English.PCM" -i 48 -c 6 -s di000
    should be
    -i 16 -c 6 -s 48000

    this is taken from 2 for clownbd's batch files

    The second bug is with the dts conversion
    could you make the first conversion of the dts file a name such as Audio_4_English_padded.DTS
    then do a
    eac3to Audio_4_English_padded.DTS eac3to Audio_4_English_.DTS
    as the first run with a eac3to creates a file with a padded dts file that tsmuxer do not understand but when the file is re ran through eac3to it muxes correctly.

    this will make it 100%

    here is an example from the batch file I modified for the dts part

    REM *** Call eac3to (Stream_3_English_.PCM_to_.DTS_Conversion_PADDED) ***
    "C:\Users\wildchild22\Downloads\Clown_BD_v0.62(5)\eac3to\eac3to.exe" "G:\demux2\Audio_3_English.PCM" "G:\demux2\Audio_3_PADDED_English.DTS" -LOG="G:\demux2\eac3to_(Stream_3_English_.PCM_to_.DTS_Conversion_PADDED)_LOG.LOG"

    REM *** Call eac3to (Stream_3_English_.PCM_to_.DTS_Conversion) ***
    "C:\Users\wildchild22\Downloads\Clown_BD_v0.62(5)\eac3to\eac3to.exe" "G:\demux2\Audio_3_PADDED_English.DTS" "G:\demux2\Audio_3_English.DTS" -LOG="G:\demux2\eac3to_(Stream_3_English_.PCM_to_.DTS_Conversion)_LOG.LOG"
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  20. mike_r

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    are these values constants ? if so I can deal with it, if not then you're going to have to live with it.

    as always i really need the original logs to see the whole story

    what does this mean ? is it a bug in eac3to ?