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    v0.41 exe only
    v0.41 ZIP full package

    Here's the dilemour: You've got a film that you want to backup onto a BD-R. The total disk is say 30gb and you know you can shave off some extras, but which ones?

    I had this problem this week. I wanted to copy '"Where The Wild Things Are" for the kids. The ISO is 29.4gb and the movie only with Clown_BD is about 15gb. Seems a shame to loose the menus and have so much free space left on the BD-R. The only solution I could find was BDInfo / BDEdit to find the menus and simply a bit of trial and error. Not really a good solution.

    I've knocked up a little app called Clown_BD BD Copier for fun (or a version with Mplayer & tsMuxeR too for previews). It's fairly rough just now, no language settings, no context help or configuration so far. Basically you need AnyDVD to decrypt and ImgBurn installed to create your ISO (thanks to LightningUK for the support in creating the IBB file).

    So open your BD location:


    and let the application do the rest. It'll automatically select:

    . all menus (they're in BOLD & at the top) so you don't accidentally delselect them
    . All streams over 60 mins (ie probably the main feature)

    Exceptions: If the size of the stream exceeds 23.8gb then it will not be automatically selected, or if the cumulated size exceeds 23.8gb.

    Now press the ImgBurn button which starts ImgBurn. Now you can save your ISO to wherever you need it. Mount the ISO with Virtual Clone Drive and test-drive with PowerDVD. If it works OK, then you can burn it. My PS3 doesn't care if you play extras and the file is not there. It just skips it. Perhaps other machines will bork. Who knows.

    Here's another example from Wikie


    If you select too much then you'll see the bar is red:


    I can't think of anything more to add, but please let me know if you have any questions (or bug reports :p )


    Of course there is no transcoding, remuxing demuxing. It's a 1:1 copy less the 'extras'
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    Thats awesome man. This will help out on many occasions I'm sure. Thank you for the chance to use it! Will let you know about any bugs or the like.
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    There aren't any bugs, just untested scenarios :)

    It does work, but I've not tested for example what happens when ImgBurn is not installed or the .IBB file is not associated with anything. That's not my problem if someone tries to break the software then they probably can do it.

    Obviously movies where the main feature alone is over 23.8gb then this utility is useless.

    There are a few features that could be usefull:

    For example I noticed last night with Slumdog Millionaire (German version). The main movie is 2x on the disk, for some reason there are about 6 playlists for each of the main movies. Unselecting 1 of the playlists could give you a hint that that .m2ts is also in XYZ also.

    Another is some playlists containt the same (say 60x in mpls, 2 minute long, 1gb in size) .m2ts. BDInfo shows this as like 2:00 hours long and 60gb in size. My program will also show 2:00 hours but only 1gb. I think it's best if I also correct the time too to 2 mins.

    Somehow auto selecting by user options. Maybe few a sliders with select all under X seconds and over y seconds, similarly under x byte and over y bytes. Maybe based on language too? Select only tracks with an "eng" stream.

    Possible a preview of the video. This would have to rely on an external video renderer like mplayer.
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    v0.02b (2010-05-09)
    . Improve I/O on building IBB file
    . Improved total time calculate.
      eg Where an MPLS has multiple times the same M2TS:
      Where The Wild Things Are
      00120.mpls has 99x 00000.M2TS @ 169,371,648 bytes duration 00:05:52.
      Before change showed this as 16,767,793,152 bytes duration 04:45:05.
    . Fixed small display bug on menu only playlists
    . Added tooltips for treeview
    . Highlight likely main movie candidate
    . Imporoved selecting less than 23.8gb
    . Now has an INI file so the users can configure auto select for MAX & MIN
      stream sizes based in seconds (eg 3600 = 1hour)
    v0.01b (2010-05-08)
    . Initial Version
  5. mike_r

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    This is a real example. Horton Hears a Who (German Version). 00105.MPLS show as 02:36:47 @ 22,789,576,704 as it's got 00147.m2ts many times in the clip.



    Clown_BD BD Copier

  6. mike_r

    mike_r Moderator (de)

    v0.03b (2010-05-10)
    . Incorportated Preview Funtion.
      Make Sure MPlayer location is correctly specified in .INI file
      Right Click On Tree View Item To Get a Preview Of the .M2TS
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    This looks interesting. Thanks for posting it.:rock:

    I did try ClownBD some months ago a couple times and left it because it didn't allow you to maintain Menus.:bang:

    I keep thinking the Brain Trust @ SlySoft (or Olie) will release a commercial version (CloneBD anyone?) that will do this in a simple format like their other packages. I see DVDFab is getting closer with every release but I prefer a Slysoft package.

    I really want to back up a dozen or so titles so I can take 'em to the Cabin this summer, and let the kids play them there and not worry if they get damaged. All they want is AC3, subtitles, & Menus along with the main movie (On a BD-R25).

    I'll check out your package and see if I can learn enough to make it work. Thanks again for working on it. :eek:
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    Boy, did that come out wrong:eek:

    Okay, i really need to get something to eat now.
  9. -Jim-

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    I didn't think it came out wrong at all. :disagree:

    As these tools (ClownBD, and Clown BD=>BD Copier) are not the most intuitive pieces of software out there (note my preference for SlySoft has a lot to do with ease of operation) my skill set probably requires some more reading and practice to make mike_r's package work for me.

    I did not intend to slag the software but rather appreciated his efforts. Just because I'm ignorant doesn't mean I'm stupid.:p
  10. mike_r

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    v0.04b (2010-05-13)
    . Improved selecting (incl seamless branching titles)
    . Changed references in seconds to minutes.
    . Loose less than seconds as option due to improved selection.
    . Sorted TreeView based on length of clip (descending), rather than filename.
    . Sort clipinfo based on PID.
    . Added number of chapters to tree view.
    . Don't display menu items separately that also appeared in a playlist.
    . Added checkbox preview to treeview. Remember you need to install Mplayer.
    . Now writes a blank MPLS, CLPI & M2TS for items not selected.
    Special Note.
    After manually selecting items, you should also press "Auto Select".
    This will automatically select playlists that also contain the manually
    selected streams.
    The code is stable and safe for all to try.

    Next todo : Embed Mplayer window into GUI for automatic previews like CloneDVD.
  11. SamuriHL

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    Um. Neat! I somehow missed this when I was on vacation. Definitely going to check this out. Thanks, Mike!
  12. Ch3vr0n

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    neat samu's back. Where'd ya go off to ^^
  13. SamuriHL

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    Washington D.C. :) But I was keeping an eye on you all from there. ;)

    Wish I had seen this earlier though. This seems like a pretty sweet tool.
  14. Ch3vr0n

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    hope ya said hi to the lincoln in his big sofa for me. :) Anyway back on topic. Looks like a nice tool yes, just not my cup of tea ^^ i'm doin full disc backups only on B25s :)
  15. SamuriHL

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    This tool will work for me for some of the backups I want to do. Being able to drop a bunch of crap from the disc while retaining the menu is nice. The only thing that'd make it better would be the ability to reauthor the streams to remove languages I don't need, but, whatever. I can live without that. This is fantastic.
  16. mike_r

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    Removing the languages is the easy bit. Reauthoring all the menus sort of goes past my ability and commitment. It's just a stop-gap until SlySoft release CloneBD. Hopefully soon. I'm uploading a new version really soon.
  17. SamuriHL

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    I don't want to reauthor the menus. I just wanna rip the non-english tracks out of the m2ts files. However, since you're not reauthoring the mpls' I'd say to be careful on this one. For instance, if it's a seamless branching title, just maybe do all the individual m2ts files and keep them as they are except with languages stripped. Something like that.

    Also, I tried it on one of my movies and I got a nasty error that it couldn't write to a folder. It kept popping that up until I finally killed the app. Tried it twice and got the same error. Any thoughts?
  18. mike_r

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    Funny that. I just got the same error. Press OK enough and it goes away :D

    Anyway, it's fixed now. You can donwload the new version with some more features:

    v0.05b (2010-05-13)
    . Pass VOLUME LABLE to ImgBurn
    . Show All Menus & Possible Menus At Top Of Tree View
    . Highlight All Main Movie Candidates (ie Seamless Branching)
    . Frig The Playlist For Unselected "Main Movie" To Use A Selected One
      (Seamless Branching)
  19. SamuriHL

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    Sweet. I'll try it in a bit as I switched over to a movie only copy with Clown for the moment. I'll definitely try this out once that's done.
  20. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Moderator (en)

    Yea you know how you said that pop up error was fixed? I'm gonna go with no. I've clicked over 100 times so far and it's still coming up. So, uhhh, yea.