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    1. Do you mean the audio drift problem when joining multiple files? Isn't there a connection_condition=5 flag to deal with this?

    2. Is there a way to make Clown retain the seamless branching structure of the original BD, instead of joining the multiple files together?

    Many thanks and best regards.
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    It may not be possible to reduce a movie down to <25GB without re-encoding, even if you jettison everything except the video and lossy core audio: some movies just take up a lot of space.

    Sometimes it is possible to fit movies that are a little over 25GB by trimming off the end credits, but usually it has to be re-encoded to be smaller.

    ClownBD Copier keeps extras and menus: if you want the smallest file, ClownBD is best for making a movie-only and you can also select just lossy audio to make it smallest.
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    It seems that someone "ate", it's gone. Who knows where, I only just logged in last week. Hopefully DamnSkippy knows more as he hosts it.

    Anyway, a new version:

    v0.41 (2013-05-30)
    . Fixed annoying bug for preview window on startup for Windows 7
    . Ignore dummy playlists on Sony ScreenPass (AnyDVD's disc.inf needs to exist)
    Feedback welcomed

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    Domain Name: CLOWNBD.COM
             Status: EXPIRED - PENDING DELETE
    Domain servers in listed order:
            Record created on:        2009-05-19 21:22:55.13
            Database last updated on: 2012-05-29 15:05:26.573
            Domain Expires on:        2013-05-19 21:22:53.0
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    aha easy. IT didn't get "eaten" the domain expired and the hosting was not renewed(payed)
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    Super thanks again to DAMNSKIPPY who is hosting for bringing it back to life.
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    I would really appreciate any help with this problem. I run Clown_BD BD Copier, accept the defaults, run ImgBurn, but any attempt to write an ISO gives me error messages that "folder or file does not exist or is not accessible."


    I've installed UDF 2.5, which seems to be working (I can open a BD disk in explorer). I've tried to run the program on Blu-ray disks, and blu-ray folders already ripped to the hard drive and get the same result. I've tried to place the folders in different drives and gotten the same result.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions how to fix this problem.
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    Please supply and AnyDVD log file from the problem disk.

    Also read the error message carefully. ...d|[certificate]| etc. This is not a valid Windows file name.
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    Thanks. I don't own AnyDVD, is there anything else I can use?
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    What is MAC0V2TX and where did it come from?
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    ClownBD does not decrypt; you need an on-the-fly decrypter like AnyDVD HD running in the background while ripping from an original disc. There is one other on-the-fly decrypter out there, but it's a trialware-then-pay product just like AnyDVD HD -- and I'm sure no one here will recommend it over AnyDVD HD. :p
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    clown_bd copier - imgburn problem

    Thanks very much again for the replies. MAC0V2TX is a rebuilt Blu-ray from an unsubbed Japanese BR with added customized subtitles. I downloaded it as folders so there was no need to rip.
    However, as an experiment, I just tried Clown_BD_Copier on a retail BD using AnyDVD to decrypt and got the same result:
    I've attached the AnyDVD logfile.

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    I would try running with admin rights. I suspect Clown_BD is not allowed to write to your Windows drive.
  15. Hawk

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    Windows Xp does not put that kind of restriction. However OP should still be admin. On a side note OP does have two filter which are known to cause problems in system.

    CDROM Class UpperFilters:
    pwd_2k (system32\drivers\pwd_2k.sys), Version: (
    Company: Sonic Solutions
    Product: Drag-to-Disc
    Copyright: Copyright (c) 1994-2005 Sonic Solutions
    Description: Win2000 Framework for Packet Write Driver

    dvd43llh (System32\DRIVERS\dvd43llh.sys), Version: (
    Company: RIF
    Product: DVD For Free
    Copyright: Copyleft © 2002 - 2005 RIF
    Description: dvd43llh.sys
    FileVersion: 3.5.000
    ProductVersion: 3.5.000
    Comments: This driver help you to watch VIDEO-DVD and play AUDIO-CD on your computer

    lobster, since you have installed anydvd you will need to download or move Clown_BD out of program files and put it in location such as my documents. Then process whole disk again while anydvd is running.

    Also DVD43 serve no purpose if anydvd is installed.
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    Thanks, Hawk, I'll give that a try.
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    Hi Mike. I've been toying with converting some AVCHD structures into BD ones as the 8.3 filename convention limits compatibility with SW written for just BD. Any chance of being able to have BD Copier accept AVCHD source material so it can be converted to a BD structure and filename convention yet keeps the menus, etc?
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    Hi Mike_r,

    ClownBD is great and use it all the time. Does ClownBD Copier work with 3D yet?
    Is the source code available for download?

    TIA! :)