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  1. mike_r

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    just use tsMuxeR directly on 00101.mpls.

    a = wrong region code warning background
    b = needed for bdjo
    c & d = no problem
  2. jfcarbel

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    Any chance we might be able to get this feature for the movie only folks by adding it to the original ClownBD? Currently there is not way to see if choices on makes put it over 23GB target threshold. In some cases I want to know if I need to use core audio to fit it on 23GB.
  3. mike_r

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    it's not possible. you can best guess it yourself better.
  4. cybrsage

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    I read the very beginning of this large thread, then the last few pages, so forgive me if this has already been explained. I am using the version available for download as of 7/7/10, the zip file with all the goodies in it.

    I tried to create a movie only copy including menus for Rambo (the new one), but have failed miserably. It creates the iso file, loads fine, goes to the main menu, allows me to select Play, tries to load something (screen blanks) but then immediately (within 1 second) returns to the main menu.

    I insert the BR and have AnyDVD HD loaded, it scans fine. I created an ISO of the BR without the protection to make sure it works...and that ISO is an exact copy of the original.

    I run BD Copier. It auto selects a bunch of files...some of which are commentary. I keep them due to not knowing (yet) exactly what I need and what I do not need. I am doing this to remove the annoying previews, not to save space.

    BD Copier does not select the main movie, but that is expected due to its size (it even says so itself, which is nice). For some reason, there are three main movie files listed...all the same size. I selected them all, which only increased the file size of the iso as if only one was selected. 43GB large. Looks good.

    I tell it to run ImgBurn, which launces properly. Create ISO...yadda yadda. 18 minutes later it is complete.

    The ISO then does as I explained above, it is as if there is no link to the main movie in the menu system...or a link to something which is not there. No idea what. question is then, what do you need from me in order to help you figure out what I am doing wrong?
  5. jfcarbel

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    I do not understand why is it not possible, you show the size of selected streams in the utility so why is ClownBD different?
  6. mike_r

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    The only way you can tell how big the result of remuxing a m2ts is to remux it. Factors like stream type and bitrate vary so much that it is not possible to accurately predict this. Clown_BD BD Copier tells you the original file size.


    You need to select what you want to keep and what you want to discard. The utility will select all it can to fit on the selected media size (default = BD-R 25gb). Everything you don't select will be replaced by an dummy (ca. 1 second) clip (as you've found out). It's possible that the main movie exists in 3 playlists, and selecting 1 has the same resulting size as selecting all 3. If you think you can loose some audio/subtitle/ineractive graphics/picture in picture and get down to the correct size - use tsMuxerR option.
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    Greetings Mike.

    Using tsMuxeR option to remove unwanted audio and subtitle tracks is not a problem, although the removed items still show up on the menu. If you use multiAVCHD to do it, they no longer show up. It looks like the clpi is not updated. Perhaps you'd like to fix this.

    The main problem is with stripping off annoying warnings, previews and etc. The ISO created cannot be played by PDVD10. I think this is cause by the blank replacement streams. See below.

    Are you referring to 00001.mpls and 00149.mpls? The wrong region warning clip is 00157.mpls (00114.m2ts).

    I have tested with blanking just one of these stream, and playback will stop at that point.

    The problem appears to be the blank streams you inserted : they have 0 Time_In and 0 duration, while the modified 00101.mpls has 00:10:00;000 Time_In. Is this an error?

    As an experiment, I replaced the blank streams (together with playlist and clipinfo) with those created by multiAVCHD. And the ISO plays perfectly in PDVD10.

    You can test with the BDMV folder I have attached in the previous post.

    One more issue regarding preview : all unwanted clips play in multiAVCHD's mplayer. Something to look into, perhaps.

    The major strength of Clown_BD_Copy is its simplicity and speed. It took just 25 min to create a backup. Hope you could fix these problems.

    Many thanks and best regards.

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  8. cybrsage

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    I did select the three movie files, and it still did not play the movie. The resultant ISO file was 40 GB large, so it surely contained the main movie.

    I will try making one with all items selected, just to see what happens.

    Also, I do not want to lose the HD audio, does tsMuxerR allow me to keep it? I am going to try it out and find out myself when I get home from work.
  9. mukooh

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    hi....mike r....thanks for clown bd...and now this small program which i've used successfully....i've been playing around with clown bd copier for a few days...i've been reading the posts to this thread...the reason i'm posting...i'm preview the film with the mplayer? i still have to configure that? it seems that i read in one of the posts to this thread that this feature had been automatically incorporated into the newer versions? or do i have to go to c drive, program files, clown bd copier, mplayer, config...

    and add a path there to open mplayer preview (there's a notation there to (# Write your default config options here!):

    what would that path be? i tried different things....many thanks in advance..
  10. mike_r

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    Where is mplayer.exe ? This is the correct place to add in your Clown_BD BD Copier.ini
  11. mike_r

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    v0.26 (2010-07-12)
    . Rewrite of key functions resolving many smaller bugs (eg size calculation)
    There is also a small message area. When you deselect a playlist and wonder why it had no effect on the output size, now you can see. Similarly when you select a playlist, you can see when other ones can be selected too with no size impact.


    I didn't get round to adding 1/2 the enhancements I wanted, but with the summer break coming up I'm not sure when I'll have the time. So here's the next enhanced & stable version.

    Coming up:

    . Clown_BD BD Copier & Clown_BD MPLS Builder in 1 exe
    . tsMuxeR execution handling (same as exists in Clown_BD)
    . PlayWave & Shutdown handling (same as exists in Clown_BD)
    . tsMuxeR selection cascading (relevant for seamless branching)
    . Blended ImgBurn & tsMuxeR usage (ie mux only the main movie and then create an IBB file for the rest)

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  12. SamuriHL

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    Nice :) This is growing into quite the capable toy :)
  13. mike_r

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    Don't forget to either delete your .INI or at least change your favourites to iso639-2 standards:
    tsMuxeRLanguages=English German
    ...or you'll get a silent movie (like I just did) :bang:
  14. SamuriHL

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    You should really contact the developer about that. :doh: :bang: :D
  15. mariner8611

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    Greetings Mike.

    Does it fix the mpls error created by Clown_BD MPLS Builder?
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  16. mike_r

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    v0.29 (2010-07-27)
    . Fix small bug in ImgBurn Mode When Not Selecting Main Movie.
    v0.28 (2010-07-22)
    . Improve MPlayer hooking (and error trapping especially on VC1 video)
    v0.27 (2010-07-16)
    . Fixed tiny bug in tsMuxeR mode when selecting streams with only video.
      Showed as selected, treated as deselected.
  17. mariner8611

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    Greetings mike.

    1. Version 029 messed up the dummy mpls in ImgBurn mode.

    2. Clown_BD MPLS Builder still messed up dummy mpls in tsMuxeR mode. The original ones created by txMuxeR works.

    3. Mplayer still can't play the warning clips.

    Best regards.

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  18. mike_r

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    Thanks for the tip. #1 I can see now, but #2 I'll have to look deeper. What is the software you're using to display the details.
  19. mike_r

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    Obiously the PS3 doesn't care too much that the MPLS was not correct, it never gave me a problem. Nevertheless:

    v0.30 (2010-07-29)
    . Dummy MPLS not being built correctly. Thanks to mariner8611 for spotting this.

    I don't really understand what MPLS here is the problem. There is no 00029.mpls in Slumdog. I need to be able to recreate this (to see what you mean).
  20. mariner8611

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    readmpls. BDedit will show the same thing.

    The dummy streams need to have Time_In and Time_Out normalised so that chapter 0 start at 0:10:00:000 since these are generated by tsMuxeR. Those with 0 duration also don't seem to work.

    Is there a reason you apply Clown_BD MPLS Builder to the dummy streams? The ones created by tsMuxer seem to work well. If you look at 00001.mpls, it has 100 chapters and the chapter marks go beyond the .459s duration. Would this create a problem?

    Best regards.

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