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Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by hamtickle, Dec 27, 2008.

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    I am evaluating Clone DVD Mobile for ripping my dvd's to play on WMCE (Windows Media Center Edition) for my home theatre. I ripped The Matrix, TinkerBell, Madagascar and Curious George as tests. The video quality was set to the highest available because of the large screen size I am using for playback. All other settings were standard for the Zune MP4 output file. (I don't know what a Zune is but it was the only MP4 profile I saw in the list). The audio is delayed by about 0.5 seconds on all files when played back in MCE which is unacceptable for a home theatre. To get it to playback in MCE I had to download the K Lite codecs (MCE doesn't recognise MP4s without additional codecs).

    I have ripped other DVDs to MPEG 2 format and they work fine (using a different product) but the file size is outrageous (about 4 to 6 Gig each).

    Is there a simple fix for the audio delay? I absolutely do not want to compromise on the video quality and will soon start ripping bluerays as well.

    I would like some advice as quickly as possible so I can complete the evaluation and make the purchase of the appropriate software. Thanks Slysoft... your software came highly recommended by a geek friend of mine - I would like to make my decision soon so I can rip the rest of my catalogue over the holidays. Thanks again.
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    some people do seem to have problems with a video/audio sync problem.
    but,i would purchase the (slysoft) software BEFORE 1 january 2009 otherwise you will have to pay each year to update the product (ie you wont get free lifetime updates):

    a fix for clonedvdmobile is due soon.
    it will,i believe,be using a slysoft built encoder (clonedvdmobile currently uses ffmpeg or mencoder depending on what version you're using).
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    Thanks - I see the support notices, but I want to make sure the software delivers what I need prior to making the purchase. Right now, it doesn't... I also noticed the video quality is severely deteriorated on a large screen TV in the action scenes in the Matrix. That is not what I am looking for either. Perhaps another format would be better... the MPEG 2's that I have a fine for action, but are very large. Any suggestions?
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    despite what clonedvd is or isn't capable of,it is (or originally was) designed for mobile devices,not large modern tv screens.
    video compression will always be a problem if you view on a large screen.
    anything other than the original size of the dvd video files means compression=poorer quality than the original (obviously).
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    My settings for TV-Out:

    Resolution: 640x### for TV
    Video Quality: max
    Deinterlace: depends on the movie, you can usually tell in the preview box whether the movie needs it or not.
    1/2/3 Pass: 2 Pass, 1 pass if you don't have the time to do a 2 pass, 2 pass results in better picture quality, 3 pass always causes CloneDVDm to fail on me, not much difference between 2 & 3 pass anyway from what I hear.

    The vid quality using the above settings is great, I don't have a HD TV so I don't know how it would look on one of those but on my 42" regular TV it's just about DVD quality. The big factor is how many passes you are using, if you are using one pass, then there is your problem, the 2 pass makes a big difference.

    As for Audio/Video synch, out of the 63 movies I have done so far, only 10 failed outright and a few are questionable... ie. 0.5s or is it just my eyes :confused:

    Also you have XVid & DiVX avi to try out with CDVDm, not sure how they stand up to the Zune (MP4) regarding quality or reliability. I use the Zune (MP4) because well I own one and just haven't needed to try any other format.

    Sidenote: the MP4 file size using my above settings will be around 1.5G - 2.5G depending on the movie. Also the default settings in the devices.ini for audio is 128, I've changed mine to 192kbps not that I can notice the difference with the TV speakers.
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    I have yet to do any conversions that do not result in audio being out of sync.
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    Thanks all for your input. Some good thoughts there. Interestingly, I have tried a couple of other "rippers" and had some good success with both quality and with synch. I ripped 300 into mpeg2 using a different software, and achieved good quality video and synch. I have now tried that same software on the Matrix and still have poor synch results on the audio (the video is better at MPEG2 but the file is 8gig vs 1.5 gig... go figure). Still, just not the same when Neos lips are moving and the sound is yet to arrive....
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    Thanks - will try the multipass to see how that works.
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    2 passes improved the video quality. sound still lags the lips...