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  1. neovo88

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    I just ripped a blu ray and in the STREAM folder there are multiple m2ts files, how do I combine them into one m2ts file?

  2. jbrisbin

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    It is best to avoid direct usage of .m2ts files, instead use ISO files in BD format. You can get either as output from ClownBD.

    Read about it at:
  3. fast eddie

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    If you are talking about multiple M2TS files that make up the main movie only (called seamless branching disk) the software program Clown-BD can handle seamless branching disks.

    Also, use the one MPLS movie only file as identified by BDinfo instead of multiple M2TS files for the movie. BDinfo can identify all the MPLS and M2TS files you want to back-up on the source Blu-ray disk. There is also a sequence flow of the M2TS files for the main movie only on seamless branching disks and the one MPLS file should take care of the problem.

    Also, check out BDedit software program (new release was just out) Back-up for BDinfo. If you are looking for a picture view of what the actual M2TS file is, use the preview window in Fab 7.


    Also, from you post it sounds like you are looking in the stream folder of the BDMV structure and you are looking at ALL THE M2TS files on the source Blu-ray disk, they all don't get combined together, just the main movie only files get joined together.
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  4. Dâniel Fraga

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    Also tsMuxer can read mpls playlist files and generate one big m2ts file.
  5. neovo88

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    Thanks that did the trick.

    Also can anyone recommend a good program that will convert blu ray to a MKV. I normally use makeMKV but my evaluation period has expired and now they are charging to use the program.

    Is there any free software out there that does the same job?

  6. Adbear

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    Doesn't TSMuxer have an option to output as an MKV?
  7. mike_r

    mike_r Moderator (de)

    eac3to will make an MKV video (no audio). You need to play the video with a player that can handle external audio stream (smplayer for example).
  8. fast eddie

    fast eddie Well-Known Member

    As long as MakeMKV is at the beta stage it will build you an MKV file from the source Blu-ray disk.

    If you are having trouble on your computer with an existing beta MakeMKV because of trial periods. Do a clean removal of the existing beta MakeMKV and install the latest MakeMKV beta.

    A clean removal means using multiple registry cleaners to remove all remains of MakeMKV on the hard drive, registry values, and any hidden items.
    If you don't get ALL THE REGISTRY VALUES OUT, you will have problems getting the new beta version to function properly from a trial standpoint.
  9. neovo88

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    MakeMKV is still in the beta stage. I downloaded the latest version off thier site and its reactivated its self for another month or 2.