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  1. Ainsley

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    Backing up a Blu Ray but the AnyDVD rip has produced multiple small M2TS files the largest of which is only 15 mins. There are 161 files

    Is this a protection that AnyDVD hasn't sorted ? The files are in the "Stream" folder.

    The disc is "Ted", by the way.
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  2. Ch3vr0n

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    That's nothing unusual. If you'll look at the files on the disc themselves they should be the same like that. This is normal for a disc that uses "seamless branching" for files. This method makes it easier for studio's to place multiple versions of the same movie on 1 disc without having to create completely new streams

    Cinema version: mpls1 > 00000.m2ts + 00002.m2ts + 00004.m2ts = complete movie
    directors cut: mpls2 > 00000.m2ts + 00001.m2ts (new scene) + 00002.m2ts + 00003.m2ts (new scene) + 00004.m2ts = complete movie

    Doing it that way the studios can use the same short sequences for the parts of the 2 movies that are the same and insert the new short sequences for the director's cut. Saves space on a disc. Nothing unusual or "protection" about it :)
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    Thanks for the info...

    ... but does that mean I can't now use Handbrake to produce a iTunes compatible version ?
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    Use the one MPLS (playlist) file for seamless branching disks for the main movie, which can be identified by BDinfo.

    Use the movie only MPLS file just like you would the one movie only M2TS file of a non-seamless branching disk for loading into other software programs.

    On seamless branching disks, the sum of those M2TS files that Ch3vrOn is talking about must also be in the proper sequence flow (correct number order) or the movie is all mixed up.
    But the movie only MPLS file sets up the proper sequence flow of the more than one movie only M2TS files.
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    ...that's really useful to know. In the end Handbrake actually did find the file it needed - I think I was being impatient before as it doesn't take more than a few seconds to find the right file with a DVD.