Need a detailed manual for AnyDVD, perhaps?

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    Hi, folks haven't been here for a while.

    A long, long time ago, someone explained where the switch is to set AnyDVD to automatically change the first-play as required, usually to the largest or longest file in terms of minutes. Now it's become necessary to set this again, but I can't find "how" for the life of me.

    And I've really looked and looked around without success. :doh:

    Please, might this be explained again? I promise to archive it carefully and put in a file under C:\Program Files\Slysoft

    Many thanks! :bowdown: :bowdown:
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    Right-click the fox icon in the systray by the clock | Settings... | Video DVD ...

    As you will be informed when you make this change, this setting does not always work and can break playback on some discs. Always play back the beginning of the DVD from the DVD drive with this setting enabled to make sure it is working before actually ripping and burning a backup. You just need to check that: (1) it jumps as you wish and (2) you can actually get to the movie. Some discs are authored in a manner where the setting does nothing at all. On other discs you can jump to the menu but if you then press play to watch the movie you can't get from the menu to the movie, itself. In short, make sure it works before wasting a blank disc and realize it won't always work.
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    Gee, that was fast! Got it!

    I forgot there was a screen under VideoDVD itself... will make a note to myself in baby talk for next time.

    The feature works quite well for me; hundreds of backups done successfully, but as you say there is the occasional problem. Sometimes in such cases I can get to the chapter list and choose #1 which starts the movie. I write a note with the disk what to do.

    Don't quite understand this smiley, must be something to do with the current generation of kids what they listen to. :rock: Mozart, it's not!

    Bye for now.