need help backing up blu ray to hard drive

Discussion in 'High Definition Software' started by jobr0403, Nov 25, 2008.

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    This might sound dumb but I have looked for a few hours now and have tried to fiddle around to make this work without any success, so if anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated.

    I want to make backups of my blu rays onto my hard drive. I have a blu ray read/write disc drive, I have AnyDVD HD and CloneDVD. AnyDVD picks up the blu ray, but what I cannot seem to figure out is how to get it copied onto the hard drive, is there some other program that I need to use?

    If someone could provide me with generalized steps on how to complete this task or provide a link it would be helpful.

    Also is it possible that Windows Media Center can playback Blu Rays on your hard drive or do you need other software?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Right click on the AnyDvd HD fox icon in your system tray and choose "rip to image" - then see the first post of SamuriHL's guide for how to copy to hard drive:
    VirtualCloneDrive (free - get it from the Slysoft forum) can be used to mount the ISO image.
    CloneDvd does not work with BluRay discs.

    You need a BluRay capable software player such as PowerDvd, WinDvd or TotalMediaTheater - see the high definition software forum. Your bluray read/write drive normally comes with an oem version of one of those (e.g. powerdvd 7). Make sure you check for firmware updates for your drive and software updates for the bundled player.

    Providing more info on your setup would help if you still have problems.
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    Don't get PowerDVD8 they took out the ability to play from the harddrive.
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    Incorrect, they removed it a long time ago (Ver 7.3 build 3319a) and it is too old to be of much good with new releases anyway. It is really not gone though you just create an ISO of the disk rather dump it to a folder. Works in 7 or 8.

    PDVD 8 will still play SD DVD from the HD but no HD.
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    Aw crap, so no BluRay from harddrive anymore, even with PDVD7?
  6. Adbear

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    There hasn't been for over a year with PDVD, 3319a is over a year old
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    ? Best BR player software for cloned drive?

    I have been using Hewlet Packard's OEM version of the PowerDVD BR player to play anydvd hard drive backups of BR, but the latest update of this applet will not play from a virtual clonedrive "mounted" drive.

    From what I glean from a number of posts the best player to use sounds like TotalMediaTheater. Right? Wrong? Depends...? Please help me out here.

    A second, unrelated question - I'd like to play BR files using a wireless home server (803.11n connection), but so far no luck - too slow. Anybody been successful getting enough speed out of this sort of set-up?
  8. Adbear

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    I'd check to see if HP have an update for the software. A few of us have found TMT to be very unstable, others have no problems with it, so it's a bit of a crap shoot on whether it'll work on your system or not. I always use the full versions of PDVD 7.3 and 8 and have no problems with ISO's mounted in VCD
    In theory wireless N should be fast enough to stream the video file as long as both systems are running using 'N' and the actual connection speeds are high enough. You need to check to see how fast it thinks it's running
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    Thanks -

    As I re-read the various posts, it's possible my problem is that I'm mounting the *.dvd and not the *.iso files - I'll try reversing that for one thing.

    HP is totally un-helpful when it comes to thier OEM ware.