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    I am thinking of getting a new computer. Currently my lifetime licences are all on an XP PC. If I buy an Apple iMac, will I be able to transfer the licences? Alternatively if I change to a Windows 7 system, will I need to do anything? I currently have my registration keys (for AnyDVD, CloneDVD and CloneCD) on my XP and on a CD. Will the keys held on the computer, transfer over in a standard data transfer process?
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    No native Apple support

    Our products will run in on Apple hardware but not in a native session. "Bootcamp" is the preferred way to use our products on a Mac.
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    Thank you - what is "Bootcamp", and what is "a native session"? - for me this is all new terminology.
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    it's a loader/emulator , with bootcamp you can i.e. install and boot windows on a apple
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    Generally there are two methods of running windows on mac.

    The first is to use something called 'bootcamp' this is part of the Mac operating system and enables you to install windows on your mac.

    This then means you have the choice of either booting in to Mac operating system (OS X) or windows. But not both at once.

    I currently do this when I want to watch a blu-ray. I boot my mac book pro in to windows and then use all of the slysoft products and cyberlink powerdvd hd. It works a treat :)

    The second option is to use a product called VMware Fusion or a product called Parallels. This is software that runs under OS-X but allows you to run windows at the same time as OS-X in its own window. This is very cool, but there are some limitations. My slysoft products work very well in this environment (although I believe that this is not officially supported)

    Be aware though that cyberlink wont even install in Windows if you are using Fusion or Parallels.

    Take care if you are planning to watch blu-ray on a mac using OS-X...It's very challenging, there is no blu-ray player for OS-X (VNC can be used but it dosn't always work) So if you want to watch blu-ray the easiest method is to use bootcamp and start up in Windows rather than OS-X

    Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions..


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    Thanks for all the advice