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Discussion in 'High Definition Software' started by gsam, Dec 28, 2008.

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    My objective is to convert a .m2ts file to a .wmv file.

    If I rip a blu-ray to ISO, mount the image and play it, the movie is in English as it should be. Without changing any of the AnyDVD HD setting If I rip the same disk to a folder on the hard drive then play the main .m2ts file it is in French.

    I have tried changing AnyDVD HD setting and selecting English under the Language Selection but the results are the same.

    Does anyone know how to rip to disk and get English as the language.

    BTW most of the .m2ts files that contain short clips or trailer are in English only the main movie is in French or Spanish.
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    I have a NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GX2 graphics adapter. It has a HDMI output but I use a DVI(HDCP) cable to connect to a Samsung 245bw monitor.

    I can rip a blu-ray ISO to my hard drive and then with Daemon Tools I can mount the disk image. I can play the movie without any problems using PowerDVD Ultra 8.

    I can also rip the disk to a folder on the hard drive and then double click a .m2ts file and PowerDVD will open and play the file.

    My problem is that if I rip to a folder the main move is in French or Spanish. If I rip to ISO it's in English.

    I assume that if I picked up my computer and took it to a different room and then used the HDMI connection it would work fine. I don't see why not?
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