Old Computer Parts Going In The Trash

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    A lot of current motherboards still have a PS2 socket, I have one on the latest 2011 socket boards, and full size ATX boards still have the same amount of slots on them as older boards, they've just moved on from PCI to PCIe. If your system only has one expansion socket then it's not a full size ATX or even mATX as even mATX has 4 expansion slots so I wouldn't consider it high end if it only has 1 expansion slot as those boards are MiniITX boards designed for HTPC's and not really as highend systems. Also you can get Sandybridge boards that still have parallel posts and serial ports. As to the IDE sockets, why bother putting them on when no one makes IDE drives anymore
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    There are a LOT of businesses that still rely on equipment that needs things like parallel and serial ports and such, so there are still places that make motherboards that have them for businesses that still need them.

    I think some of the latest EVGA boards still have a primary IDE port.

    A lot of gamers actually prefer PS2 keyboards. For example, on Rosewill's Cherry MX mechanical keyboards, if you hook them up via PS2, you could press all 104 keys at the same time and not have any key jamming. In USB mode, you can only have a six key rollover.