OPPO BDP-93/95 FW Upgrade

Discussion in 'High Definition Hardware' started by Journbon, Jan 24, 2012.

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    Number 3 really bothers me.

    3.Per the request from the studios, the ISO file playback function has been removed in this firmware version. The previous firmware had the ability to play ISO files, but it was an undocumented function and was never officially announced or supported. Future firmware version will no longer support ISO playback.

    I've been converting all my dvd and Blu-rays to iso and was enjoying being able to play them all from my external hd connected to my OPPO BDP-93. Very frustrating and disappointed in OPPO. I guess I won't be upgrading the FW.:(
  2. mike_r

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    Any ideas about USB playback on DVD/BD folders? It doesn't mention this. Hopefully someone will create an open source version.
  3. fast eddie

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    Didn't someone say Oppo is on the side of the studios? ISO playback function removed, whats next full blown attack on software playing.:agree:

    Why would anyone want to pay the high price of Oppo when they are turning into cancer products, just like Sony, and most likely in the near future have the Cinavia cancer.:D
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  4. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    A few things need to be noted. First of all, Oppo had no choice with respect to ISO support. The studios were unhappy and the studios are part of the BDA and if the BDA and/or AACS LA are unhappy then chances are very big problems will subsequently occur. Having licensing revoked would kill Oppo as a business.

    Oppo directly replied to people upset about the loss of ISO support on their Facebook page:

    ISO support can be seen as supporting playback of pirated material in it's full quality. Removal, of course, punishes the people who legitimately own all their Blu-Ray movies but want to store them on HDDs. I would expect someone to quickly point out that the Oppo players support Matroska containers but HD audio is not supported in MKVs and it's doubtful that it will be added. People have been asking Oppo to such support since the player was released.

    Furthermore, Oppo has explained why ISO support was added to begin with:

    Lastly, fast eddie, your statement demonstrates your lack of understanding the audience that Oppo caters to and, frankly, your info on Oppo is plain wrong. The company is consumer-oriented and they've said from the beginning that they would not support Cinavia until and unless they were mandated to. With respect to ISO support they were threatened. They just worded it more nicely in the release notes. This doesn't show support for the studios and Oppo hasn't demonstrated any support for loving studios and their draconian tactics. That said, Oppo as a business that requires multiple licenses to produce Blu-Ray players has a noose around its neck just like every other company producing players and if they fall afoul of the licenses that they've signed then they could wind up out of business.

    Oppo produces and sells quality products at a reasonable price for the quality that you get. Some might see the pricing as being a premium and it was a bit higher on their older standalone DVD players but in the world of Blu-Ray players their models aren't priced outrageously. With Blu-Ray players there really should be no difference with respect to video output of Blu-Ray. Nonetheless, the BDP-93 does things as it should. Furthermore, the BDP-93 after a great deal of tweaking by engineers is now on par with the BDP-83 with respect to upconversion of DVDs. It took some work due to switching from Anchor Bay to Marvell for the chip doing the processing. Also throw into things the fact that Oppo players come out as superb in bench testing the player. One such review is here: http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/univ...players-part-1-audio-performance.html?start=3. Lastly, the quality of the Oppo players can be demonstrated buy the higher-end manufacturers using Oppo for their players. One such case involved Lexicon taking an Oppo BDP-83, not even removing it from the Oppo casing and then putting that inside their own shell and marking the player up to sell for $3000. I believe their may have been a few audio improvements to the Lexicon but let's remember that the BDP-83 retailed at $499. In effect, Oppo has designed players for some other high-end manufacturers.

    In short, while the loss of ISO support is unfortunate, the fact remains that Oppo has a history of creating quality players and the BDP-9x generation is continues that legacy and while other players may have a few more bells and whistles the Oppo players are top quality, solid players with great customer support. Benching proves the quality.
  5. YaniD

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    I'm sure the studios will be releasing future desirable Titles with "tricky" menus that will require a firmware update in order to work correctly: I recall Avatar caused a lot of problems with players, requiring firmware update.

    The studios probably even have a way to disable playback of any future title without a firmware update if they wish: they just haven't rolled out that heavy gun yet.

    I wouldn't put it past the studios requiring Oppodigital update the firmware to the latest version on players returned to them for repair.

    By not updating the Oppo firmware, you can retain ISO capability for now, but at the probable expense of playability issues with future titles.
  6. Journbon

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    That is true and I have thought about it. I am currently researching stand alone media players that play DVD and Blu ISOs. I know there is going to come a time where I will have to upgrade the FW eventually.
  7. mike_r

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    Just wait for a new disk that revokes the host key, and then we have to upgrade the firmware. Same thing happened to me on my PS3. In any event, the keys need to be updated after 18 months.

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  8. dvd7000

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    If I only use my PS3 to play new disc purchases, and never update the BDP-93 firmware, then there would be no chance of ever having a new disc revoke the host key. I could continue to use the 93 as my HTPC for all my personal older disc purchases, as well as newer ones that have been processed with ANYDVD HD to .iso HDD rips. Correct?
  9. mike_r

    mike_r Moderator (de)

    Only time will tell....
  10. dvd7000

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    Do you recall what disc it was that revoked your host key?
  11. YaniD

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    Some Bluray titles include folders and files for PS3 update: I'm not sure you are given a choice as to whether the update is installed or not, when you play this title.
  12. James

    James SlySoft Development Team Staff Member

    Once again: The Oppo is a hardware player. It doesn't need a host certificate (and therefore it won't be revoked).
  13. James

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    This has nothing to do with key revocation.
  14. James

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    Every recent disc will do it. It is part of how AACS works.
  15. achilles78

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    Does anyone know if it would be possible to hack the newer firmwares in order to restore ISO playback functionality?
  16. grayhound_555

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    ISO playback fail - yet firmware not updated

    Hello friends, recently (2 weeks) I bought new Oppo BDP-93EU, and the first I checked the firmware version: Main: BDP9xEU-61-1219
    (I can provide other sub software versions if important, too)

    This version should be still able playing ISO files, which was one of reasons I was buying this player. So I made several ISO files from my DVD collection, put on external USB HDD and...what surprise - File format is not supported.

    Maybe something went wrong I supposed so downloaded some ISO of a Blu Ray from net just to check (I could not try to make ISO from my Blu Ray discs, as I do not have BR drive in my computer) ... the same result.

    When I was setting the player - I disabled FW upgrade notfications, and did not even try to use Upgrade option. But, unfortunately, I set up net connection via wifi.

    Is it possible that player was connecting Oppo and did some "change" in background, even without FW upgrading itself? Do some of you have similar experience? Or I do not have correct ISO image...

    Thanks for your reply & help

  17. mike_r

    mike_r Moderator (de)

    How did you create your DVD ISO? Its possible you've got the file format and other setting wrong. AFAIK the disabling of ISOs only applies to BDs. The Oppo can't properly play back VIDEO_TS directories unless they're in an ISO.
  18. grayhound_555

    grayhound_555 New Member

    Well, I tried to make ISO of several of my original DVD movie discs via DVD Decrypter (old tool anyway)... Are there some software settings that are inevitable for the playback work correctly in OPPO? Or should I try to use some different soft... your suggestion, please...

    By the way, official OPPO message does not explicitly say about solely BR ISO playback capability cancelling, just ISO generally ....


  19. DrinkLyeAndDie

    DrinkLyeAndDie Moderator (en)

    The removal of ISO support was complete. No DVD, no Blu-Ray, etc. It's gone with the latest firmware updates.
  20. achilles78

    achilles78 Beta Tester

    If you can see the ISO files then playback is still allowed. The latest firmwares don't even list ISO files. There must be something wrong with their format if the former is true.

    I use IMGBURN to make iso files as it corrects the settings for DVD and BD if you have set them wrong.