OPPO BDP-93/95 FW Upgrade

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  1. grayhound_555

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    Well, the player can see the ISO files I created, but again "File not supported". I tried to make DVD ISO by DVD Decrypter and also by CloneDVD.... the result is still unusable ISO... Something strange is happening here...

    Maybe if somebody can create some DVD ISO file that is working on his player and post it to some server for download... I would like to try this.

    BTW... I just installed ImgBurn...is there some particular setting necessary to make the ISO
    correctly for OPPO (with old FW as mentioned in the beginning of this thread?)

    Thank you

  2. grayhound_555

    grayhound_555 New Member

    well, tried several ISO images...no success.... File not supported... I am confused...
  3. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    I've used ISO images created by AnyDVD, CloneDVD, CloneCD, and ImgBurn and haven't experienced any issues that I am aware of with my Oppo BDP-93. I'm still putting off upgrading the firmware.
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    I upgraded the firmware without realizing it would cripple my ability to play .iso files. Would the restore to factory default option revert me back to the original firmware or is there anywhere anyone knows to get a previous version and reinstall it?
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    I've been a longtime legitimate user of SlySoft, and I agree with a few points made here in favor of Oppo's decision, but a few I do not.

    I suppose I'm not as easily ready to give Oppo a pass.

    If I buy a product, and it has explicitly a set of features on it...as advertised on its own website...which is part of the reason I buy that product...then sometime down the road that company decides to take away those features due to political pressure, then we're in for some unpredictable products who might as well not even have a "Features" list. We might as well just have a blank white page, and just have something that says: "BDP-9x: Has features, but we never know when we'll take them away from you, so just buy the product and take you're chance."

    Oppo SHOULD NOT have offered ISO reading in the first place if there was even a hint that the movie industry was going to have a Little Girlie Tantrum. I think it was a selling point--anyone who would plunk down $500 for BD Player is certainly saavy in this area--and Oppo knew it would be a selling point to this particular market. And I'm sure the industry was watching Oppo as well, and I can't imagine there were no talks behind closed doors, cautioning Oppo about ISO feature.

    Indeed, the Oppo BDP-93 is a great product. However, let's not excuse a removal of features just because it is a great product.

    What Oppo should have done, was include a one-page WARNING pamphlet to consumers--as well as a conspicuous copy on their website on the same page as features--that ISO capability might NOT be a feature in the future, and put the political pressure on the movie industry right away, instead of surprising consumers who were actually using its capability (like me), and then removing it.

    So, let me ask anyone here.

    What if Oppo is asked to remove the 3D capability from its firmware in the future due to the proprietary nature of the movie industry wanting to release it's own "3D Approved" hardware? What if Oppo gets notification that particular audio streams need to be "unfeatured" for "piracy concerns"?

    Because I guarantee it's very possible, due to the paranoid nature of the movie industry and their continuing efforts to release abnormally-controlling software and hardware to lock their content, at the expense of the unassuming consumer who unfortunately finds out AFTER they have purchased the product.

    We need to take a stand against this sort of Digital Bullying because it does seem as if products are being "dumbed-down", and features taken away or simply not even offered because the Movie Industry and RIAA have such abnormal control issues over content.
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    As far as I understand it, and perhaps I'm wrong, opppo only added the ISO functionality in one of the beta firmware releases and later pulled it before it was actually released. Kinda hard for them to warn consumers about a feature they never officially released...

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  7. metal07

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    AFAIK, Oppo added the iso playback capability firstly into the beta release then on the official release. BUT they never advertized it at their website of such 'feature'. In fact, they didn't even mention this in the FW release notes.
  8. pprajaa

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    Back up Blu ray disc

    I have some back-up blu ray disc with me which i had purchased in India. Will they play on oppo-93, since the iso function as been removed in the new firmware.

    P.S I dint know they were back-up blu rays until i saw my audio muted in my ps3.
  9. serpeant

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    I assume that Oppo havent re-instated the blu-ray ISO play back?

    Is there a chance that they ever will?

    Is there a hacked firmware that enables blu-ray ISO play back?
  10. fleika

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  11. Sparky015

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    So what do you use?

    So I bought my OPPO player late in 2010, and I stopped updating my firmware last year to save my ISO playback like many others. At this point I have my entire collection ripped to ISOs using AnyDVDHD. I wanted the discs gone out of my theater, and I wanted my player tucked away in my rack with all the other components. I like selecting the title on the screen and it playing like a disc, but I'm willing to abandon ISO if there is another file type out there that retains the HD video and audio quality of the disc. I don't care about the menus or trailers, just the film and retaining the same quality as the disc.

    So with that said, what do you use, and any software I need in addition to AnyDVDHD?

    Thanks for your thoughts and opinions!

  12. FurryGuy

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    Look into MakeMKV or Handbrake and creating .mkv files. By the stated requirements mkv files might be the best solution for you, provided the player you use will read mkv files.
  13. metal07

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    IIRC, Oppo 93/95 cannot handle lossless audio embedded in mkv file.
  14. thezone

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    So has anyone got a solution to this? I like the idea of the oppo and seriously considering the new ones coming out but it seems useless to have a networking function on a high end player when all you can play is **** youtube clips or hd movies with no hd audio?
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    '...Lastly, fast eddie, your statement demonstrates your lack of understanding the audience that Oppo caters to and, frankly, your info on Oppo is plain wrong. The company is consumer-oriented...'

    '...That said, Oppo as a business that requires multiple licenses to produce Blu-Ray players has a noose around its neck just like every other company producing players and if they fall afoul of the licenses that they've signed then they could wind up out of business...'

    I think you are being too hard on fast eddie. I returned my 103 over this issue. How's that for consumer orientation? I have posted before that I think this is an industry mistake. Network functioning is the future (see Plex as example). Oppo and Blu-ray Disc manufactures should augment this access, not get in the way. What is next, restricting multiple lossless audio formats? This is hypocrisy, and they could put themselves OUT of business, not stay in. There are other options out there which are bridging the gap between htpc and a/v equipment (see DuneHD Max).
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  16. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    I disagree that I was too hard on fast eddie but, hey, we don't all have to agree.

    I think Oppo made a stupid mistake by adding the ISO playback ability and forgetting to remove it as they claim. The ability to play ISOs was one they added and should have removed before it ever went public. It's pretty predictable that the studios would be upset about it and they were. Sure, it was a nice feature but they had to remove it. If they didn't they'd be in trouble and to deny that is simply silly and delusional.

    As for the BDP-9x players they were never able to handle TrueHD in Matroska containers, and had issues with DTS/DTS-HD so that also made MKV playback a pain unless you wanted to convert DTS/TrueHD to AC3 which takes extra time to do. The apparent fault with the 9x players is with Mediatek with respect to whether it can/will be added. Some of the DTS issues may have been resolved but I long since gave up on caring or playing around with it.

    I'm surprised Oppo still hasn't been leaned on to remove BDMV folder playback. I guess we'll wait and see on that one.

    For the time being I still have a region-free modded BDP-83 and region-free modded BDP-93. Right now I don't have the free time to worry about upgrading to a BDP-103.
  17. YaniD

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    The Oppo will play ISO as well as the BDMV folder (or BDMV and Certificate folder inside an AVCHD folder) as if it was the original disc, with menus etc: however some say that ISO gives the least playback issues. AFAIK, BDMV and AVCHD playback is still permitted with the latest firmware (although ISO capability is gone). 3D can be problematic as folders instead of ISO and it takes up much more space because multi-referenced sectors are expanded to separate files.

    The Oppo will also play the m2ts file(s) but there is no menu or chapter access and soundtracks or subtitles have to be manually selected via the remote. Some have reported glitches with m2ts.

    If you only want the main movie, ClownBD can extract it to m2ts file or Bluray structure (ie BDMV + Certificate folders or ISO). Bluray structure maintains chapter navigation capability and is preferable to m2ts file.

    There are no other well supported file types for FHD material.

    Mkv with the Oppo is great for compressed x264 material with DD or DTS soundtracks, but FHD material is best as m2ts, BDMV, AVCHD or ISO.

    If you are getting good results with ISO, I would stick to it for FHD material. The only penalty is HDD space, but then HDD are cheap. Depending on how many HDD you are using, it may be an idea to duplicate the drives in case of failure. Since it takes about 48 hours to rip to a 2TB HDD, it's a lot of effort to repeat if a HDD fails, but risk assessment is up to the individual.
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