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    Sweden is not even in one of the corners. :mad:
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    I just want to say that pre-paid C/C's can be a bad idea - you should carefully consider your options and then decide what's best for you. Having read the T's & C's of a few services I've concluded most of them are not a very good service - for instance many email you the C/C number! Now looking at the T&C's of this service looks a little more reliable, but the best option is to enquire to your bank as to whether you can take out a debit Visa or Mastercard (a card attached to your saving's that works as a C/C) - or to simply take out a C/C with a low credit limit (the lower the better), since C/C transactions are required to have insurance in most countries, whereas buying pre-paid cards for the most-part doesn't include transaction insurance or cover if your card number is lost or stolen. To Quote part of the T&C's of the above service: "9.3 If you lose your Card it will not be replaced." and "9.4 You should treat your Card like cash in a wallet. If it is lost or stolen you may lose some or all of your money on the Card in the same way as if you lost cash in your wallet." (source).
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    Hi Gummigutta, are you having a problem buying Slysoft products?
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    post is a little outdated: 2nd December 2007, 15:13
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    Hi :)
    I was wondering who'd notice 1st. ;)
    Well done Tom...:clap:
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    I wonder why it had to be bought to the forfront. Yes the post is old but it was never answered. I have to admit I did not look at the dates though.:D